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Softball shuts out Eastern Nazarene

Earlier this week, the Judges defeated Eastern Nazarene College in a double header. According to an article by the Brandeis Judges website, Eastern Nazarene College scored the first run in both of the games in the double header. Both of the first points were scored in the top of the first inning.

Pitcher Scottie Todd ’20 gave the Judges their first break with a groundout and an error by Eastern Nazarene College gave Brandeis a 2-1 lead at the bottom of the first. Keri Lehtonen ’19 and Jolie Fujita ’21 were the scorers. Judges continued scoring throughout the rest of the first game, with Eastern Nazarene College unable to score any more runs.

Bridget Cifuni ’21 scored at the bottom of the second inning; Marley Felder ’22 scored at the bottom of the third; Todd hit a home run and made it all the way back to home plate at the bottom of the fifth inning. Melissa Rothenberg ’21 also hit a home run. Prue Ross ’20 also scored at the bottom of the fifth. Lehtonen scored again at the bottom of the sixth, leading the Judges to an 8-1 victory.

In their second game, Eastern Nazarene College once again started out scoring and managed to hold off the Judges until the bottom of the fourth inning. Marissa DeLaurentis ’19 and Ross both scored at the bottom of the fourth, tying the score. Fujita scored at the bottom of the fifth inning. Sydney Goldman ’19 hit the second home run of the day and with Todd scoring, the Judges were up by two. Similar to the first game, the Judges blocked the Lions from scoring any more points.

Fujita hit the first home run at the bottom of the sixth inning. Ashleigh Fultz ’19 followed with a two-run blast and Melissa Rothenberg ’20 finished off the game with a double down left field, according to an article from Brandeis Judges.

The Judges are currently undefeated, sitting at 6-0. They return to action at home against Simmons University on Sunday, March 24 at noon for a double header.

Baseball falls on the road

Sabrina Chow

The Judges baseball team suffered their third loss of the season on the road at Suffolk University. Brandeis started strong at the beginning of the game, scoring the first three runs. Victor Oppenheimer ’22 scored the first run for the Judges at the bottom of the first inning.

Alex Parrott ’21 scored at the bottom of the second inning, while Nick Yanco ’21 scored on a wild pitch, bringing the Judges up to a 3-0 lead. The Rams fought back, however, and blocked the Judges from scoring any more points during the rest of the game.

Zack Aresty was the first to score for the Rams at the top of the third inning. Rich Gilbride scored at the top of the fifth, bringing Suffolk one run closer to tying the Judges. Trevor Lee scored at the top of the sixth inning, tying up the score.

At the top of the seventh inning, the Rams scored three points, helping the Rams gain a 7-3 lead over The Judges. The rest of the eighth and ninth inning remained scoreless and Sufflox defeated Brandeis 7-3.

With this loss, the Judges record falls to 7-3 and Suffolk improves to 6-6 on the season. The Judges return to action with a double header at Salem State University, which will being a nine-game road trip, according to the Brandeis Judges website.

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