Why joining a club is important

Coming to college isn’t an easy experience for anyone. Most people move away from home, be it five or five thousand miles away. No more homemade food (hello Sodexo), your high school friends are scattered all over the country, if not the world, and you can only see your dog over FaceTime. In a place […]

Thank you for supporting The Hoot

Even though Class of 2019 Senator Kent Dinlenc withdrew his proposal to de-charter The Hoot last night, The Brandeis Hoot editorial board cannot disregard the lingering effects that his actions had and will have on our publication. By having to defend our legitimacy and justify our existence, we as journalists had to enter the unnatural […]

Hoot recommends, April 12, 2019

Conan Gray is the up-and-coming pop icon you need to listen to. If his name sounds familiar, you may know him from his old YouTube days or from his most famous single “Idle Town.” Only 20 years old, he manages to perfectly capture the essence of Generation Z, which he playfully calls “Generation Why” in […]

A look into the history of The Hoot

Not many individuals beyond the staff of The Brandeis Hoot really know its history, starting with its conception in 2004. We thought we would give the entire Brandeis community an in-depth look into our founding story and history. The current editorial board of The Hoot reached out to Hoot alumni from as far back as […]

Senator rescinds proposal to de-charter The Brandeis Hoot

Class of 2019 Senator Kent Dinlenc formally introduced a proposal to de-charter The Brandeis Hoot at the senate meeting held this past Sunday. This proposal was rescinded late on Thursday night, April 11 in a Facebook post by Dinlenc. Dinlenc’s nine-page proposal to the senate states  “…as important as the presence of an independent student-run […]

Why The Hoot matters to me

Since the founding of The Brandeis Hoot in early 2005, dozens—and possibly hundreds—of Hoot alumni have stepped through the doors of the Brandeis Media Coalition (BMC) to work on issues of The Hoot. Last week’s proposal, which has since been rescinded, asking the Student Union to de-charter The Hoot states, “Once a student graduates from […]

Springfest 2019

Brandeis lucked out: this year’s Springfest was greeted by another spectacular day. Though the weather did not hold up nearly as well as the preceding Saturday, the sun remained visible (though often obscured) for most of the day and there was no rain during the concert. This year’s lineup included three main performers: Ari Lennox, […]

Prof. lecture on sexual violence in Israeli culture

A Brandeis professor spoke about her discoveries from the research she conducted in preparation for her second novel, which “explores literary articulation of sexual assault in modern… Israeli culture,” she said. Professor Szobel, Associate Professor of Modern Hebrew Literature on the Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Chair, started the lecture by bringing up examples […]

Local Politicians speak on engaging in politics

Local politicians, including Waltham’s mayor, two state representatives and one state senator, spoke on engaging in politics—and their experience in passing legislation to make it easier for victims of sexual abuse to come forward. State Representative John Lawn spoke about his experience working to pass legislation that expanded the statute of limitations on child sexual […]

Women discuss experience in tech industry

During the second annual Women LEAD in Tech, four women shared their experiences and struggles while working the world of technology. During the Q&A, they gave advice to women going into tech and shared inspiring stories of finding advisors. When asked about unexpected hurdles the women faced in their careers, all panelists agreed that there […]

Students gather for Take Back the Night

Students gathered at the Rabb steps for the annual Take Back the Night (TBTN) march on the evening of April 11. During this time, students and administration leading the event spoke to the crowd and walked together down to the Light of Reason to raise awareness for sexual assault and violence. Becky Schwartz ’20 and […]

Expert discusses Trump on North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs

Chief U.S. negotiator between the U.S. and North Korea in the early 1990s and Brandeis Masters and Ph.D. graduate Robert Gallucci ’68 Ph.D. ’74 discU.S.sed President Donald Trump’s strategies in North Korea and Iran on Thursday. Gallucci spoke with Director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies Gary Samore (POL). Samore introduced Gallucci as […]

Men’s track and field finishes third, women’s fifth

The Judges continued their outdoor season strong at the Amherst College Spring Fling with the men placing third with 54 points and women places fifth with 30 points. Amherst College won the meet with 152 points and Wheaton College (Massachusetts) won on the women’s side with 94 points. The top performers throughout the day finished […]

The mad, musical theater spectacle of ‘The Bacchae’

Thebes has been overrun. Their king, Pentheus, has defied Dionysus, mocking his deity and sacred rites. As his revenge, Dionysus drives the city-state mad. The ancient Greek play by Euripides, “The Bacchae,” has been revived, retranslated and restaged for a contemporary audience. There are musical numbers, a plethora of red plastic balls, and an incredible […]

CAST minors present creative, social transformation projects

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to attend an event held by the interdisciplinary CAST (creativity, the arts and social transformation) minor at the Shapiro Campus Center. The event was divided into two sections. During the first part, Jean Poulard ’19 presented his capstone project. He showed a video that included beautiful murals that […]

TRII advocates and their stories: Roy Lee

The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII), founded at Brandeis, is a unique organization that trains undergraduates to become accredited representatives in immigration courts and to gain legal experience firsthand. It allows for immigrants to receive assistance with many types of legal processes, making sure they have the support and the knowledge they need. Roy Lee […]

SSSP community praises academic success in annual I am Proud ceremony

The student leadership board of the Student Support Services Program (SSSP) arranged a celebratory event to commemorate students and faculty for their academic dedication to the community this past Tuesday. The event featured student talks, awards and other forms of recognition. Agnele Sewa ’20 and Karekin Johnson ’19, both current board members of SSSP, opened […]

Spanish-language books added to Brandeis Library

The Brandeis library has recently added many Spanish-language books to the non-English recreational reading collection. The books can be seen in Farber one, near Starbucks. Maric Kramer, a social sciences librarian, was able to attend the Fería Internacional del Libro (FIL) in Guadalajara, Mexico, which inspired her to add these new books to the non-English […]

Harvard Professor Gives John Lisman ’66 Memorial Lecture in Vision Science

A Harvard Medical School Professor received the John Lisman ’66 Memorial award on Tuesday. Professor Connie Cepko, Professor of Ophthalmology and the Bullard Professor of Genetics and Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, also delivered the John Lisman ’66 Memorial Lecture in Vision Science. In her lecture, Cepko spoke about retinal development, gene therapy used to […]

CEEF accepts new projects, displays old

The Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund (CEEF) will be accepting ideas for student initiated community enhancement projects until Sept. 15. The CEEF fund contains $250,000, $100,000 of which goes to student projects while $150,000 goes towards emergencies. The projects can be anything from installing water fountains and swing sets, to renovating an underused space, listed […]