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In the Senate April 14

Aaron Finkel ’19, Vice-President of the Student Union, collaborated with administration to circulate a student body survey over the following weeks about the Brandeis mascot. The survey will assist administration in determining whether the Brandeis mascot should continue as the judge, or whether it should return to being the owl.

Student Union President Hannah Brown ’19 introduced a proposal on which she worked with the administration in response to the issues that occured this academic year with the MyDeis Facebook pages. Moderation of the groups will now be the direct responsibility of the respective class senators, as well as the Office of Communication. Senators would have to go through a training and sign a contract, in which they agree to their responsibilities and understand that this is a privilege that can be revoked in the case of misuse. 

There were several proposals introduced in the Senate this week. One proposal, which would give the senate the power to subpoena leaders of chartered clubs in order to question their spending and actions. The motion was passed through a vote by roll call.

Another proposal was that clubs should be highly encouraged to attend training in racial sensitivity, hosted by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI). This motion was passed through a vote by roll call.

Two members of the Judiciary, Abdul Rehman ’XX and Shangyuan Xu ’XX were impeached for not attending meetings. Senator for the Class of 2021 Zach Kern ’21 also resigned.

Executive Senator Kent Dinlenc ’19 announced that the deadline for selecting the Pass/Fail has been moved to the be the same as the deadline to drop a course. The Senate passed a Senate Money Resolution (SMR) to sponsor food at games at the Flea Market, which will take place on Saturday, May 4, from 3 pm to 6 pm in the Foster Mods. Massell Quad senator Kendal Chapman ’22 also reminded the Senate that the State of the Union address and the Midnight Buffet will take place on May 2nd. 

 Linzy Rosen ’22, president of the club Period  presented to the Senate. According to Rosen, Period consists of a group of students that seek to bring awareness of menstrual inequity on campus. Period was chartered by the student union unanimously. 

A change in constitution of Brandeis instrumental bands was proposed to create MARIMBA (mutual alliance for recognizing instrumental music in Brandeis activity), an umbrella group for the clubs. The goal of this is to support one another in special events, and to create a musical community on campus. The motion passed by a vote by acclamation.

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