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In the Senate 4/5

Vice President Kendal Chapman ’22 announced that Senate meetings will be biweekly. She also mentioned that she wanted to get rid of misconceptions “[to] make sure people aren’t accidentally self sabotaging.” This would be done by providing students with clearer explanations of where to get help or information and clarifying the pass/fail policy, as well as the impacts on GPA and applications to graduate school.

Leah Fernandez ’22, chair of the Health and Safety Committee, reported that she met with the Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) to find out what its team has been working on and asked them to send out a newsletter to students with what they are currently offering. 

Joseph Coles ’22, Club Support Committee Chair, told the Senate that he is gathering a list of clubs that are to be chartered in the Fall 2020 semester.   

Senator Alex Park ’22 said that the move to newly assigned residence halls was successful: movers helped students and provided boxes, and students were given three days to move. Park’s constituent told him that the process was well organized.  

Chapman asked the senators if they would be interested in changing the mascot back to an owl. Although the senators agreed that they would prefer an owl mascot, this was not a project they wanted to pursue. 

Senator Scott Halper ’20 proposed to sponsor polls to keep students busy.

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