Panel on Uyghurs in Xinjiang, China Zoombombed

A panel discussing the Uyghur people—a Muslim-Turkish ethnic population living mainly in the Xinjiang region of western China—was disrupted by Zoom users who wrote “FAKE NEWS” and “Bullshit” on a presenter’s slides and played China’s national anthem, according to students who attended. Attendees and presenters alike were displeased with the results of the panel, according […]

Stay connected this break

Over the last few weeks, the number of cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States has spiked significantly. As students leave campus for the semester, we, the editorial board of The Brandeis Hoot, urge students to continue to monitor their health, both physically and mentally.  As scientists continue to learn more about the […]

Green Gables would’ve been better off with a boy

“Anne with an E” is Netflix’s adaptation of “Anne of Green Gables,” though it seems the creators of the show did not read the book. “Anne with an E” centers around Anne (Amybeth McNulty), who is adopted by siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, and how she adapts to live in Avonlea, on Prince Edward Island, […]

Reduced testing requirements and Heller testing site to be closed during winter break

COVID-19 testing procedures during the winter break will see several changes including fewer testing locations and a less frequent testing requirement, according to an email sent to the community by Senior Vice President of Communications, Dan Kim, on Wednesday, Nov. 18. The testing center in the Heller School for Social Policy and Management building will […]

Univ. releases draft plan ‘to address systemic racism’ on campus

UPDATED 11/20/20, 7:40 a.m. The university’s draft plan to address systemic racism focuses on examining policing at Brandeis, student financial burdens and faculty and staff hiring, salaries and promotions, according to a Nov. 10 email from President Ron Liebowitz. Liebowitz called for feedback to the draft, which intends to increase diversity, education and training on […]

The Hoot’s Thanksgiving pie battle

Last Thanksgiving, we all wrote about our favorite Thanksgiving foods. This year we thought about writing on the worst Thanksgiving food but realized that we would have a huge article about turkey. Instead, we bring you the battle of the Thanksgiving pies. You can vote on the best pie on our Instagram story on Thanksgiving […]

Switching ‘positions:’ Ariana Grande’s latest album is a sensual fantasy

Ariana Grande’s latest album, “positions,” is an enigmatic, provocative, vocal dream where Grande is attempting to solidify her status as an R&B singer. Put simply, this album is sexy. It reveals an Ari who is less at conflict with herself. The Ari in this album knows what she wants. Grande’s trademark velvety voice is both […]

Stop telling Southerners they deserve to die

Liberals and leftists are too quick to dismiss the South—to write it off as a hopeless wasteland. Northeasterners love to joke that the South should just secede again, or even worse, suggest that they deserve their high COVID-19 rates or any other form of consequence because of their political leadership. These attitudes are cruel and […]

You’ll be ‘Over the Moon’ for this original Netflix film

Although the Mid-Autumn festival is well behind us now, “Over the Moon” is still a perfect movie to watch for people who want a heartwarming family story. When paired with the fun and bright animation as well as the classic tear-jerking songs typical of many good animated films, “Over the Moon” checks all the boxes […]

BTW peer educators are here to help

Bridge to Wellness (BTW) peer educators are a group of student peer health educators who exist as a resource to promote healthy lifestyle habits and general wellness to all Brandeis students, Nathalie Vieux-Gresham ’23, a BTW peer educator, and director of Health Promotion and Wellness Initiatives Leah Berkenwald ’07 wrote to The Brandeis Hoot in […]

‘Genshin Impact’ is underwhelming

Developed by miHoYo, “Genshin Impact” is an ambitious free-to-play anime mobile RPG that has taken the gaming industry by storm, raking in $245 million worldwide within its first month, making it the highest-grossing mobile game of October. It has high production values with an open world design, a first for the mobile games platform excluding […]

In the Senate, Nov. 15

The senate voted on nine clubs: two new clubs and seven probationary clubs created in the fall of 2019. The Housing Clinic, Chinese Theater Club, Model United Nations, Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Deis 3D and Period Activists at Deis (PAD) were established as clubs by acclimation. The Brandeis Board Game Club was dissolved by […]

Academic amnesty is a must

As the end of this semester nears, the thought of receiving grades seems beyond ridiculous to me. While it’s been three and a half months of continuous work, exams and essays, I am more than aware of the difficulties my friends and I, and many others, have had to deal with during these extraordinary times. […]

Oh, the places we’ll go!

As we prepare to depart for the winter, I am becoming increasingly weary of the bleak effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Even if it is a couple months too late to mark the occasion of Dr. Seuss’s death, one of his final books, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!,” offers some special solace and escapism in […]

No Mom, I don’t have a drinking problem: Mellow Corn corn whiskey

Author’s note: I get my information by constantly asking my managers at Gordon’s questions while I’m stocking shelves, making pull lists or counting my drawer. I don’t know where they get their information and I don’t particularly care. They have certifications and adult responsibilities and if I trust them as experts in their fields, you […]

On motivation

We’re back here again. Although this time around we knew it was coming, at the end of this week Brandeis will switch to an all-remote format for the final week of classes and final exams. If you’re packing now, pulling out the suitcase or have already departed campus, you may be getting a strong sense […]

SSIS advice column

Welcome back to the SSIS column, where we answer any and all of Brandeis students’ questions about sex, sexuality, identity and relationships. If you have a question you’d like answered in our next column, email or leave a question in the Google Form link on our Facebook page.  (Note: These answers are good-faith attempts […]

Why am I here?: life updates

Here we are, another old column back by popular demand! Except this time popular demand means my girlfriend saying, “remember that terrible idea you had for a column last year, yeah bring that old corpse back.” So back by “popular demand” the corpse of “Why am I here?” returns.  Since I originally wrote this column […]