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In the Senate, Nov. 15

The senate voted on nine clubs: two new clubs and seven probationary clubs created in the fall of 2019. The Housing Clinic, Chinese Theater Club, Model United Nations, Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Deis 3D and Period Activists at Deis (PAD) were established as clubs by acclimation. The Brandeis Board Game Club was dissolved by a vote by acclamation. 

The Senate saw presentations from the Undergraduate Consulting Club and Biochemistry Club to be put on a probationary period. The Undergraduate Consulting Club’s goal is to bring in speakers to talk about their experience in consulting, have case competitions, workshops for resume and cover letter writing, as well as interview and public speaking workshops. The senate did not charter the club in a vote by roll-call, as the senate found their purpose redundant as Brandeis already has the Hiatt Career Center and other business-related clubs. 

The Biochemistry Club’s purpose is to promote interest in science. The senate voted by roll-call to charter the club. The Student Union has over a dozen STEM-centered clubs on campus that cover different areas of STEM including: Brandeis Initiative for Technology, Mechanics, Apps and Programming, Neuroscience Club and Partners in Health Engage Brandeis.  

Student Union Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 announced that from Nov. 19 to Nov. 23 the union will reimburse up to $10 per student as a transportation subsidy for Thanksgiving travel home, for Lyft, Uber or commuter rail. Students will have to fill out a form to apply for the subsidy before Dec. 2. Sourirajan also announced that four thousand dollars will be dedicated to a women’s hygiene product initiative, and that the administration will cover maintenance and restocking in the future.  

Noah Risley ’24 reported that the Social Justice Committee finished their logo that is now on their Instagram page. They also announced that, starting next semester, users will be able to put pronouns on Workday, Brandeis’s employment portal. They also created a draft of the survey that they want to send to first-years, to check in on first-year students’ mental health. 

Skye Liu ’23, chair of the Health and Safety Committee reported that she picked up the stickers for the condom dispensers and will put them up soon. After doing so, the dispensers will be ready to be filled.  

Courtney Thrun ’22 of the Services and Outreach Committee said there are three bingo night winners who they will be reaching out to soon. 

Asher Brenner ’24, chair of the Rules Committee, reupdating to make the bylaws on the website updated. 

Ashna Kelkar ’24 reported that the Dining Committee discussed the next Meatless Monday, which will be on Feb. 8, and will continue to happen monthly. 

Michee Kikobo ’24 said that the Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund (CEEF) discussed getting blue light glasses for students, however the project will not be moving forward. 

Facilities and Housing chair Ben Topol ’24 said they are working on a CEEF proposal for water bottle filling stations. 

Jesse Zucker ’21, chair of the Senate Sustainability Committee, said they discussed potentially adding compost bins to residence halls. 

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