CPAC and the end of the GOP

Throughout the campaign trail and immediately after the election, President Joseph Biden predicted that Republicans would have an “epiphany” about working across the aisle with a Democratic president. Both Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have claimed that America needs a strong Republican Party. Some of Biden’s most common calls have been for […]

Europe must choose

To the Anglosphere, the name Charlemagne recalls a Germanic warlord of the Dark Ages whose conquests entrenched Roman Catholicism and restored political order to post-Roman Western Europe—of consequence to Western civilization, naturally, but far removed from its classical substance. To the western Europeans, however, he amounts to something far greater than an Alaric or Atilla; […]

The healthcare system is failing gay men of color

In a United States where we pat ourselves on the back for our liberal policies and stance as leaders of the free world, the institutions that we hold supreme are desperately failing marginalized populations already beaten by the hands of society. The U.S. healthcare system, made up of individuals with their own biases and with […]

In the Senate, Feb. 28

Executive Senator Joseph Coles ’22 announced that Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 would not be in attendance at the meeting. He also announced that the Chief Justice Jack Ranucci ’22, co-treasurer Emma Greszes ’21 and the Director of Academic Affairs Jeremiah Lemelson ’23 left between semesters. Sophia Reis ’22 will serve as the new chief […]

Students shouldn’t have to worry about dining amidst pandemic

Just as Brandeis was in the midst of choosing a new dining provider for the upcoming academic year, the pandemic struck and, like everything else, dining got put on the backburner. We have come to expect a reasonable amount of dysfunction in our daily lives as a result of COVID-19, but we are more than […]

For the original Jojo rabbit

My family was not a “pet family” when I was growing up. And like most kids in an anti-pet household, I desperately wanted a dog. I wanted that instant best friend connection people had with their animals. Then, in second grade, after doing a report on bunnies, I convinced my dad to let me get […]

SSIS advice column

Welcome back to the SSIS column, where we answer any and all of Brandeis students’ questions about sex, sexuality, identity and relationships. If you have a question you’d like answered in our next column, email or leave a question in the Google Form link on the Student Sexuality Information Service Facebook page. Any and […]

Wendy’s Jalapeño Popper Chicken Sandwich: the best chicken sandwich in fast food?

Wendy’s came out with a new sandwich—and in case you could not tell, Wendy’s is our favorite fast food chain. Usually their new stuff is good but not anything mind blowing. This new sandwich, though, proved phenomenon enough to justify dedicating an entire article to it. This was Wendy’s attempt at stealing the spotlight from […]

A review of the Foster Mods living experience

The Foster Mods represent a hamlet of privacy tucked into the armpit of Brandeis University—a verdant armpit brimming with rabbits and gravel and walled on three sides by a thin strand of trees. While these apartments lack the luxury of newer residence halls like Village and Ridgewood, the opportunity to share a Brandeis-front flat with […]

The film lecture we didn’t ask for: ‘Malcolm and Marie’

For obvious reasons, 2020 was a dry year in the cinema industry. Any movie released by the major streaming platforms became the focus of moviegoers. Sam Levinson’s new single-location Netflix movie, “Malcolm and Marie,” is no different. A movie that would not be discussed much in a pre-COVID-19 world is now creating heated debate among […]

The intersection of gender-based violence and art

As part of a new Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation (CAST) course, students will have the opportunity to “dive into historical and cultural contexts while exploring gender-based violence as a grave violation of human rights,” according to the course description. As part of the CAST program, the course heavily engages with the arts as […]

The Broad Institute, a profile

The behind-the-scenes aspect of the university’s COVID-19 testing apparatus was set up in just 11 days in July, Morgen Bergman, the university’s liaison to the Broad Institute and Assistant Provost of Strategic Initiatives, said in a phone interview with The Brandeis Hoot. The Broad Institute processes between 1400 and 1600 tests per day for Brandeis, […]

‘Superman & Lois:’ when the world needs hope

Editor’s Note: this review contains spoilers If there was ever a time that the world needed a show like “Superman & Lois,” that time is now. Afterall, the core essence of Superman is hope, even if the people in charge of DC films seem to continually forget that. Despite its surprising darkness, “Superman & Lois” […]

‘Lupin’ is an intelligent thriller French series

Arsene Lupin, written by Maurice Leblanc, is a character often considered the “Sherlock Holmes” of French literature. However, one major difference between Holmes and Arsene Lupin, which inspired the show “Lupin,” is the way that Lupin doesn’t work with the authorities, but instead works against them. The authorities are out to get him, but he […]

‘Apex Legends’ is the best battle royale

Battle royale is one of those shooter sub-genres that I thought was pretty boring. The premise is simple: 60 to 100 players are thrown into a huge map, Hunger Games-style, and must collect guns and gear to kill each other until only one team or player emerges victorious. I thought this meant that the majority […]

‘Tom and Jerry:’ just leave the classics alone

In the era of classic remakes, no title seems to have been left untouched, including “Tom and Jerry.” This classic favorite that has been watched by generations has been remade into an odd live action-animation hybrid, with everything being real except for all the animals in the movie. Overall, we found the movie to be […]

‘Kid Detective’ is a comedic mystery for the ages

What happened when Nate the Great grew up? How long does free ice cream for life awarded to a 10-year-old last? When is it no longer cute to find who stole the fifth-grade fundraiser money? “Kid Detective” is the story of a pint-sized private eye all grown up, still finding lost cats and deducing if […]

Future of global climate affairs discussed in univ. webinar

Global sustainability advocate Simon Maxwell discussed the future of global climate affairs in a webinar hosted by the university on Feb. 24. Maxwell talked about current projects being used to alter the effects of climate change as well as the potential for a Global Green New Deal.  “The later we leave it, the less manageable […]

In the Senate, Feb. 21

The Senate approved the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance’s request to formally change its name to the Intersectional Feminist Coalition (IFC). This is meant to distance the club from its former parent organization, the Feminist Majority Foundation, which no longer aligns with the purpose and values of the club. The IFC intends to be an all-inclusive, […]