Students discuss anti-Asian racism at Brandeis and beyond

Students and faculty members discussed Anti-Asian racism that they’ve experienced in order to expand campus inclusivity to the Asian community on campus in a panel hosted by the Student Union on March 28. The panelists Panny Tao ’21, Karen Phuong ’22, Luke Liu ’21 and Professor Rajesh Sampath (HS) led the conversation on the increase […]

Brandeis needs to promote awareness of campus medical resources

Unfortunately, we have been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for over a year at this point, and we feel that the isolation it has brought about is beginning to affect campus life and culture. We have been isolated from each other through the closing of the dining halls and the library, online orientation and even […]

In the Senate, April 1

The senate voted on the chartering of five new clubs: Brandeis Crafts and Conversations, Brandeis Open Mic Intercultural Club, Brandeis German Club, B’yachad Israel Dance Troop and Brandeis Sports Analytics Club. All clubs were established by a vote of acclimation.  Jessie Friedman ’22 presented on behalf of Brandeis Crafts and Conversations saying it is a […]

Awaiting the return of the eastern cougars

The big cats, of which there are seven living members, have long dominated my imagination. As the sweet scents of springtime return to the air, their presence looms even greater in my mind as a peaceable distraction from the bitter tumult of the present world. The appeal of sunny themes, neutral and indifferent to the […]

The success of Brandeis’ first Passover

Crazy to think that even over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still new firsts to be had. But here we are, celebrating Passover on the Brandeis campus for (what I believe is) the very first time in Brandeis history. Despite the novelty and COVID-19 restrictions, Passover was a smashing success, executed almost […]

Panelists discuss combating COVID-19 together

Panelists discussed the economics of the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to global organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), United Nations (UN) and the World Bank in a webinar on March 24. Olaf Unteroberdörster MS ’98, Ph.D ’98, a Brandeis international business school alumnus and division chief at the International Monetary Fund, Elida Reci MA […]

National burrito day 2021: mediocre at best

In case you were not aware of the best holiday of the year, National Burrito Day was on April 1. Which really means that it’s the perfect day to get great deals on burritos and burrito bowls. And what do you think about when you think about burritos? Chipotle and Moe’s of course (and maybe […]

Camille Eskell’s beautiful Jewish art

Camille Eskell has always been surrounded by Fez caps. She spoke on this topic, as well as many others related to her art, in a virtual talk on Thursday, April 1. At the event, she was interviewed by Dr. Sivan Rajuan Shtang, a Hadassah-Brandeis Institute (HBI) Research Associate, for about half an hour, before the […]

So, you want to study abroad?

Studying abroad is the gateway to the world for us uninformed and naïve college students. It is our one-month free trial of the world, you could say, before we fully enter into it and have to juggle all the responsibilities that are baked into adulthood. I mean, how do we even begin to understand how […]

Eighth annual Mandel Lecture in the Humanities Series

Dr. Daphne Brooks discussed protest music in America and the struggle for Black freedom at the eighth annual Mandel Lectures in the Humanities Series at Brandeis University. Brooks spoke on the work and legacy of two former slaves and how their music impacted future artists.    “By following the creative, the experimental, and the intellectual intimacies […]

Univ. webinar discusses COVID-19 effect in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a “severe and widespread shock” to African countries, unlike anything they have faced in the past 30 years, said Professor Joseph K. Assan (HS) in a webinar hosted by the university on March 24. The panelists focused the conversation specifically on the effects of the pandemic in Africa, given the […]

He came, he saw, he conquered. Now he’s leaving

Last week Manchester City announced that the Argentinian star Sergio “Kun” Aguero is set to leave the club once his contract expires in May 2021 after 10 years of service. The club also announced that they will honor the legendary striker, as well as his former teammates David Silva and Vincent Kompany, with a statue […]

‘Godzilla vs. Kong:’ A fun film that fails to live up to its predecessor

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!! In one corner, we have the giant lizard with a nuclear laser breath attack, the devourer of his opponents, the self-declared King of the Monsters: Godzilla! In the other corner… there’s a giant monkey with an axe. Here comes Kong, getting ready for the showdown of the century. Unfortunately, after […]

2021 MLB Opening Weekend Highlights

Baseball is finally back, and the opening weekend was full of surprises. Some teams surprised everyone by winning games they weren’t expected to win. Some players overperformed, while others surprisingly underperformed. Overall, it was a great weekend of baseball full of highlights.  On opening day, the Washington Nationals were set to face the New York […]

Brandeis swimming comes out on top in crosstown rivalry

Competing in an in-person intersquad meet for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the men’s and women’s Judges came out on top against crosstown rivals, National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II Bentley Falcons.  Combined, the Judges edged out the Falcons 209 to 189, with Brandeis winning 13 events, compared to […]

‘Ducktales:’ a reboot done right

After giving us three seasons of pure joy and enjoyment, Disney’s 2017 remake of “Ducktales” left us yearning for more episodes of the loveable cast. The premise of the show is similar to that of the 1998 version: When Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo) is no longer able to adequately take care of his triplet nephews, […]

KFC made a dating sim and it’s a joke

Adding to the list of odd games my Steam friends saw me play, “I love you, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator” by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) (2019) is more of a glorified commercial than an actual dating sim, which is a shame because they could have done so much with it.  You […]