Treat our planet with more respect

April 22 is Earth Day, an underrated holiday. (Next to Arbor Day on Friday April 30. Go trees!). Maybe this says something about how we prioritize nature in our society. We arbitrarily picked a day to celebrate the Earth, but the next day we all go about our daily routines without giving a second thought […]

These seniors are really pissed

UPDATED: 29/04/2021 Aaron was leaving the dining hall just the other day when he saw something that made him want to hurl. It was a tour group, massive and not socially distanced (social distancing, while a useful pandemic measure, really only exists within abstract spaces like diagrams and policies), huddled in front of the Shapiro […]

Lawsuit against university on breach of contract upheld

A federal judge on April 13 ruled not to dismiss a lawsuit brought up against the university by Brandeis students. The lawsuit plaintiffs, Alan Thomas Omori and John Doe, argue that the university’s failure to reimburse students for the tuition difference between in-person and online education, after sending students home last March due to the […]

Speakers highlight the importance of news and education for incarcerated people

Perseverance while in prison can be difficult, said Donald Washington, Jr. in a webinar hosted by the university. Washington and Lawrence Bartley,  journalists at The Marshall Project—a nonprofit news organization about criminal justice in the United States—spoke on their roles in the effort to inform and empower incarcerated individuals through the production and dissemination of […]

Take Back the Night held virtually for students

Take Back the Night raises awareness of sexual violence on Brandeis’ campus and provides a space to empower individuals effected by violence. “Take Back the Night is a global effort to raise awareness, provide support and empower those individuals who have been impacted by sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and other forms […]

In the Senate, April 18

Brandeis Democrats sent in their Constitution with changes to the Senate for approval. The motion passed by acclamation.  The Rules Committee reported that they discussed bylaws, five of which were introduced at the meeting. The Endorsement Bylaw clarifies that members of the Allocations Board and the Judiciary members are unable to give endorsements to candidates […]

University offers vaccines to all students

All students living on campus or in the Waltham area will be able to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine through the university’s pharmacy partner, according to emails sent by Morgen Bergman, COVID-19 Testing Program Director and Assistant Provost for Strategic Initiatives. The university was able to secure a total of 2,310 doses of the vaccine […]

Univ. releases statement on verdict in State of Minnesota v. Derek Michael Chauvin

Derek Chauvin, a former Minnesota police officer, was found guilty of all three charges against him on April 20, according to a New York Times article. Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for killing George Floyd in May 2020.  “Today’s verdict in the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin is a […]

The law of gratitude and abundance

In my own personal research into ideas of spirituality, the universe and religion within the past year, a common theme that I have incorporated into my life is the idea of a law of gratitude. In my eyes, the law of gratitude is essentially appreciating all that you have, down to the bad, simply because […]

Brandeis tennis round-up, April 15-20, 2021

After three matches for the men and one match for the women this past week, the men’s team moves to 3-1 on the season and will face the Tufts University Jumbos on Sunday, April 25 and Bridgewater State University on Thursday, April 29 at home. The women’s team is now 1-1 on the season and […]

Ultimate tomato salsa guide

If you have functioning taste buds, then you enjoy chips and salsa. But then you are also faced with an impossible choice: Which salsa should you buy? Well, yours truly went to the grocery store and tried basically all the salsas we found.   Desert Pepper: Tequila Salsa John  While this salsa does not taste as […]

The HWL unit Brandeis THINKS will help us

In life some things just seem to happen for a reason, whether or not they were planned by someone else deliberately. These moments become learning experiences for us all as they teach us to navigate the truly unpredictable world we inhabit. We Brandeis students faced such an event last Saturday as nearly half of campus […]

‘Infinity Train’ season four is the end of the line

“Infinity Train” was an animated anthology series created by Owen Dennis, which aired on Cartoon Network. The show revolved around an otherworldly train of endless cars that unsuspecting people get teleported to when they are faced with an emotional crossroads in their lives. Each train car contained its own unique pocket universe complete with puzzles […]

Horoscopes for week of April 26

Aries – You’re getting married! How fun to be entering into the new phase of your life! Wait…not married…buried, you’re getting buried. That’s not good. Best of luck to you on trying to figure that one out. Taurus – You are going to be so upset when you go back to your dorm, with your […]

Baseball still rolling with strong season debut

After going 4-1 in their first five games, the Brandeis baseball team continued its strong start, going 4-2 in three doubleheaders. The games were played from Saturday, April 10 to Thursday, April 15. The Judges are now 8-3 on the season and before Thursday’s game had their longest winning streak since 2016. Saturday, April 10: […]

Oscars 2021 Predictions

It is that time of the year again; the Oscars are on this weekend. In a year where not a lot of big-budget projects were released, this year’s race for the most desirable award in the cinema industry will be an interesting one. The award ceremony is on Sunday, April 25 at 8 p.m. EDT […]

Shower orange part 1: B.C. (before citrus)

Senior year of high school my friend introduced me and a few others to something that has captured my thoughts every spring since. Each spring I get a craving for citrus unlike any other craving. This craving makes me feel as though the simple act of eating an orange can cure all of my worries: […]

‘The Empty Man’ is an intriguing mess

If a horror movie is going to exceed an hour and 40 minutes, it better have a good reason. “The Empty Man’s” near two and a half-hour run time only serves to stretch out this could-have-been-intriguing horror movie into a clunky, inconsistent thriller with a few spooky moments. A clever plot and competent filmmaking only […]