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Men’s soccer plays two overtime matches

Brandeis Judges vs. Carnegie Mellon Tartans

The Judges played against the Carnegie Mellon Tartans, in which the Judges had the opportunity to reach a 0.500 win rate if they clinched the win. However, the game ended in a draw, leaving the Judges to move to 3-4-2 overall for the season.

The first half was very quiet and defensive for both sides, with the Tartans ending up with four shots on net, and the Judges ending up with two shots on net. Despite the shot differential, the Judges and Tartans moved into the second half with a score of 0-0. At 50 minutes and four seconds, Jordi Long from the Tartans shot the ball into the upper-left portion of the goal, over the head of Brandeis goalkeeper Aiden Guthro ’23, resulting in the first goal of the match, with the Tartans leading over the Judges 1-0.

However, just under five minutes later, at 54 minutes and 55 seconds, The Tartans fouled and first-year Andres Gonzales ’25 fired his free kick at the goal, the ball whizzing past the Tartans and with Gonzales scoring his career-first goal for the Judges. This shot tied the game 1-1. For the rest of the game, neither team was able to get a solid shot on the net to result in a goal, and the game went into overtime.

Although there were many solid chances in overtime, with Ethan Vertal of the Tartans hitting a shot on net at 80 minutes only to be saved by Guthro and Tim Bombeli ’22 of the Judges hitting a shot on net at 103 minutes, neither of these shots resulted in a goal, and the game ended in a tie.

With the game ending in a tie, the Judges maintained their lead of 5-0-2 over the Tartans, and both teams ended as 0-0-1 for the University Athletic Association (UAA).


Brandeis Judges vs. MIT Engineers

The Judges played against the MIT Engineers on Oct. 6, with the Judges once again having the opportunity to reach a 0.500 win rate if they clinched a win as a result of the draw earlier in the week. This game ended in a loss, leaving the Judges with an overall win rate of 3-5-2.

This was the fourth time the Judges have ended regulation without a single goal being scored for either team, becoming a recurring theme for men’s soccer. Despite a quiet regulation, there were a few shots on net. Guthro was able to save five shots over the course of the match, and the Judges’ Max Horowitz ’24 was able to fire two shots, one being on goal. However, during the second extra session in overtime, with the Engineers’ Peter Novoa firing a goal on to the net with the assist of Noah Faro, the Engineers were able to close out the win with a 1-0 lead over the Judges.

The next time the Judges will play is on Oct. 9, where they will face off against the Case Western Spartans in an attempt to close their win-loss gap.


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