Horoscopes—week of Oct. 17

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my version of Squid Game. Now although you will not be captured in your sleep and forced to play children’s games for money, you will be subject to my all-knowing will. Your fate for the week is bound in your willing participation in the process of how your fate will […]

‘Maid’ conveys trauma and struggle in an authentically real way

I’ve been wanting to find a film or show that goes beyond the hard stories until people actually are able to recover and undo the trauma in their familial history instead of continuing it, and “Maid” did exactly that. The moment I started watching it was all I could talk about because everything from the […]

Water contaminants in Brown Social Science Center and Edison Lecks

The university’s Facilities Department recently discovered higher levels of contaminants in the water fountains in the Brown Social Science Center and Edison-Lecks building, after having been dormant due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an email sent to The Brandeis Hoot by Lori Kabel, Facilities Services Director.  “All wall-mounted drinking fountains will be turned off […]