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In the Senate Oct. 10

The procedure for impeachment of senate members was amended to the bylaws during the Senate Meeting by Chair of the Rules Committee, Joseph Coles ’22. Coles mentioned that he realized that according to the constitution, the procedures for impeachment are supposed to be stated in the bylaws but were not. 

Coles wrote up the process for impeachment to be amended and spoke about how the process would typically work. In the case of impeachment, all senators would be notified 72 hours prior, giving the member being impeached a good amount of warning. Once in session, the person that presents the Articles of Impeachment has 10 minutes to present and the person being impeached has 10 minutes to respond with their defense. 

Afterward, the remaining senators will go into an executive session. Once back into open session, there will be a vote to which a two-thirds majority vote would be required to pass the motion. Coles added that “no impeachments are happening anytime soon that we know.”

The Chair of the Club Support Committee, Charlotte Li ’24, mentioned that the umbrella organization for instrumental clubs, Marimba, is no longer active. Li claims she spoke with Terry Tozzi, Student Activities Specialist from the Department of Student Activities, who took down Marimba’s Presence account, a campus engagement platform

What remains are the individual clubs, which were all chartered except for MAD band. After a vote, the motion ended up passing and MAD band has officially become a chartered club.

Vice President Courtney Thrun ’22 briefly touched upon Pumpkin Fest, which will be held Sunday, Oct. 17 from 10 a.m. to noon. 

Thrun also mentioned that she has a meeting with the Director of Athletics, Lauren Haynie, on school spirit shuttles that are to be implemented. 

In addition, there are plans underway to involve giving out whoopie pies, phone wallets and polaroids to community members in celebration of Kindness Day, according to Thrun. 

Village Quad Senator Nicholas Kanan ’23 said that he has begun reaching out to all the Community Advisors so he would be able to receive more effective feedback from residents. Kanan added that he plans to find a way to put his contact information on the bulletin boards near the dorms to make sure that feedback is as open as possible.

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