In the senate 4/24

During the last two senate meetings of the semester, a few clubs were chartered.   Leo Chen ’23 from the Brandeis Impact club attended the meeting to share the workings of the club to the Union. According to his presentation, the club is a social impact organization that aims to build bridges between students and […]

Senate log 4/3

The Brandeis Running Club was successfully chartered during the senate meeting. Jenny Zhao ’24 and Danna Jaffe ’24 attended the meeting and shared a presentation on the workings of their club. The club plans to hold group running sessions one to two times a week at a few different locations. In the future, the club […]

Senate Log 3/27

The Brandeis Haircutting Club was chartered during last Sunday’s senate meeting. Jason Dayan ’23  and Jacob Zackai ’23 attended the meeting to re-present their plans for the club.  After being put into the waiting room, Sofia Lee ’24 commented, “I think they really took our feedback and have gained a lot of interest” and recommended […]

Student Union holds elections for next academic year

The Student Union released the list of candidates running in the spring 2022 elections via email on March 27. There are ten positions that are being filled in this round of elections including: Student Union President and Vice President, Secretary, Head Treasurer, Junior representative to the Board of Trustees, two representatives to the Brandeis Sustainability […]

Senate log 3/13

The Brandeis Chess club, also referred to as Deis Chess, was successfully chartered during last Sunday’s senate meeting. The representatives of the club that attended the meeting were the two co-presidents, Zared Cohen ’25 and Marcus Sutton ’25, who shared a presentation explaining the workings of the club.  The club will harbor a community of […]

Mesoud Awol ’23 nominated as finalist for Truman Scholarship

Out of 790 applicants, Mesoud Awol ’23 was nominated to be one of the 189 finalists to be considered for the Truman Scholarship, according to a BrandeisNOW article. The Truman Scholarship is a scholarship of $30,000 for any undergraduate student across the nation with a specific interest in public service, according to the BrandeisNOW article. […]

Gina McCarthy talks about Climate Change … and so should you

When the words “climate change” get dropped in a conversation, people in the room have mixed reactions. The words could induce fear, dread or a sense of hopelessness in some and others may not even understand what it means. No one really knows the best way to talk about climate change … except for Gina […]

Senate log 3/6

The Fireside Theater Company gained status as an established club, during the Senate meeting. The club had been chartered last semester, and it is commonly known from its creation and produced of the play, “Our Day Will Come,” based on the Irish Civil War. The president of the club, Alexander Ross ’22 attended the meeting […]

Senate log 2/27

Ashna Kelkar ’24 was appointed as the new executive senator of the Student Union, replacing Joseph Coles ’22 who held the title last semester. The senate also welcomed the new North Quad senator, James Brosgol ’25, and the new mid-year senator, Sherry Tao ’25. Both senators spoke on how they are interested in discussing sustainability-related […]

Univ. dining contract with Sodexo up, begins selection process for new vendor

The university’s dining contract with Sodexo, a food and facilities management company, is set to expire in July 2022 and has begun the selection process for a new vendor. The contract with Sodexo was set to end in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contract was extended an additional two years, according to […]

In the Senate, Feb. 6

The Student Union held a brief senate meeting to share some announcements of some working plans for the upcoming weeks.  Courtney Thrun ’22 announced plans that are underway to make Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) appointments available in person. Thrun hopes that appointments will move from Zoom as it would be more beneficial for students. The […]

Senate Log 1/30

The Student Union resumed its weekly meetings on Sunday, Jan. 30, to commence the start of the spring 2022 semester. The senate met over Zoom to discuss some of their goals for the semester. Peyton Gillespie ’25 mentioned that he is currently writing the funding proposal for the free menstrual products pilot involving women’s menstrual […]

Debunking the thanksgiving myth with Kisha James

  Recent graduate of Wellesley College, Kisha James, attended a panel discussion as a guest speaker to debunk the myth of thanksgiving and emphasize the importance of commemorating the national day of mourning. James is a member of the Wampanoag tribe of Aquinnah and Oglala Lakota, whose homeland is in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in […]

In the Senate Oct. 31

Emily McKerrow ’24 from Herbicide Free Brandeis attended the Senate meeting seeking probationary status for the club. Probationary status is the 12-week period in which new clubs develop and prove their ability to pursue or fulfill their purpose before getting chartered and being officially recognized as a club, according to the Bylaws of the Student […]

Student Union Secretary impeached

The Judiciary of the Student Union held an impeachment trial for the secretary of the Student Union, James Feng ’22, on Friday, Oct. 22. On Oct. 17 at a senate meeting, the motion to impeach had gained greater than a two-thirds majority, resulting in Feng’s case to proceed to the Judiciary for a trial. During […]

Student Union Secretary impeached

The Judiciary of the Student Union held an impeachment trial for the secretary of the Student Union, James Feng ’22, on Friday, Oct. 22. On Oct. 17 at a senate meeting, the motion to impeach had gained greater than a two-thirds majority, resulting in Feng’s case to proceed to the Judiciary for a trial. During […]

In the Senate, Oct. 17

James Feng ’22, Student Union secretary, was confirmed for impeachment after gaining a majority vote for the motion. 17 of the 18 senators voted in favor of impeaching the secretary, Asher Brenner ’24 being the only senator to vote to abstain. With over a two-thirds majority, the motion passed to impeach Feng and the impeachment […]

In the Senate Oct. 10

The procedure for impeachment of senate members was amended to the bylaws during the Senate Meeting by Chair of the Rules Committee, Joseph Coles ’22. Coles mentioned that he realized that according to the constitution, the procedures for impeachment are supposed to be stated in the bylaws but were not.  Coles wrote up the process […]

In the Senate 10/3

President of Active Minds Max Kipnes ’23 was successful in making Active Minds a chartered club on campus. Active Minds is the chapter of a national organization that aims to educate and communicate topics regarding mental health with students at Brandeis, according to the organization’s website.  Kipnes claimed that he plans to host a few […]

In the Senate, Sep. 26

Emma Fiesinger ’23 launched this Sunday’s senate meeting with updates surrounding the Allocations Board (A-Board), which is responsible for the distribution of university funds to clubs on campus. Fiesinger said that the Allocations Board is currently running with only five elected members while there are supposed to be 10.  This means that the A-Board would […]