Student Union Secretary impeached

The Judiciary of the Student Union held an impeachment trial for the secretary of the Student Union, James Feng ’22, on Friday, Oct. 22. On Oct. 17 at a senate meeting, the motion to impeach had gained greater than a two-thirds majority, resulting in Feng’s case to proceed to the Judiciary for a trial. During […]

Women’s volleyball plays back-to-back matches

After a win against the University of Rochester, the Judges looked to take that momentum into games on back-to-back days. On Thursday Oct. 21, the Judges faced Johnson & Wales University (JWU) and then immediately played Bowdoin College the day after. In their game against JWU, they played an incredibly close game that came down […]

Student Union hosts special elections

The Student Union will be hosting its second special election of the semester. These special elections come after the impeachment of Student Union Secretary and Chief of Elections James Feng ’22.  “We will be having one more (and hopefully last!) round of elections this semester,” wrote Jasmyne Jean-Remy, Student Union Chief of Staff, in an […]

Brandeis swimming and diving takes another win

After an opening meet against the Vassar College Brewers, head coach of Brandeis men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams Nicole Carter spoke proudly about her team’s efforts, saying, “The team has worked tirelessly to develop a level of trust and comradery that allows them to work to their fullest potential and achieve our values […]

Frank Bennet and Adrian Krainer win the 23rd annual Gabbay Award

The university celebrated the work of scientists Frank Bennett and Adrian Krainer on Thursday Oct. 21 at the 23rd annual Jacob and Louis Gabbay Award ceremony. Dagnar Ringe, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, administered the award and gave congratulatory remarks at the ceremony. Bennett and Krainer received the award based on their research, which has led […]

The return of “Brandeis Has Got Talent!”

The university held its “Brandeis Has Got Talent!” event on Saturday Oct. 16 in Spingold’s Mainstage Theater on campus. The annually recurring Family Weekend event was not held last year due to COVID-19 health risks. Performances this year were limited to members of official Brandeis clubs in the past, but the Department of Student Activities […]

Univ. researcher receives funding from NASA

Vivekanand Pandey Vimal, a researcher at Brandeis, was awarded a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to study the effects of disorientation in pilots and astronauts in space, according to a Boston Herald article. Vimal’s work specifically looks at the overall health and performance of individuals operating aircraft carriers.  Vimal’s work with […]

Professor Joel Christensen: Collective trauma and going to war

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in the School of Arts and Sciences Joel Christensen (CLAS) wrote an article about the relation between the 9/11 attacks and ancient warfare for The Conversation, a news organization with articles by academic experts for the general public. In an interview with The Brandeis Hoot, Christensen expanded on the […]

World Series Preview

The Championship Series in both the American League (AL) and National League (NL) was full of surprises. Last year’s World Series champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers, fell to the Atlanta Braves in six games. The underdog Boston Red Sox put up a good fight but could not find successful pitching against the Houston Astros and […]

Hoot Recommends: Halloween edition

Stewart Huang:  Try “Dark Deception,” a first-person horror twist on “Pac-Man” where you are chased by spooky monsters like giant monkeys in elaborate mazes while collecting purple shards. It’s an intense arcade experience that will have you on the edge of the seat the entire time. And it’s quite an addictive and challenging game, featuring […]

‘Halloween Kills’ is a massive disappointment in a series that constantly disappoints

“Halloween Kills” is the third sequel, second threequel, 12th Michael Myers feature and 13th installment in the “Halloween” franchise. This franchise has always been a mess, and yet the undeniable impact of “Halloween” (1978), aided by its iconic killer and score, as well as two or three pretty good sequels has kept the series relevant […]

In the Senate, Oct. 24

In their Oct. 24 meeting, the senate voted by acclamation in favor of the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS), an organization dedicated to providing a supportive environment for unrepresented pre-med students. This was a club constitution change unanimously agreed upon by the senate.  Additionally, the senate approved two clubs. Nai Qashou ’22 served as […]

Ms. Nosnam’s Dinner

“Remind me where you found her?” Cher asks Tai, squinting at him from the passenger’s seat.   “Craigslist. Mureum Nosnam” Tai replies, avoiding Cher’s gaze.    “Craigslist… Craigslist…”    “That’s what I said.”    “Baby, ” Cher began sweetly, “Craigslist is for f*cking pedophiles! ”   “Watch ya’ mouth-”   “Poor Ana. She’s hogtied-”   […]