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Women’s cross country makes the 2021 Division III Cross Country Championships, men finish season

On Saturday, Nov. 13, the Judges competed at the Regional championships, placing fourth in the East region. The women finished in fourth with a score of 89, competing against 29 other teams. With the win, the Judges were selected as one of the competing teams in the 2021 NCAA Division III Championships. The Judges are currently ranked 26th. 

Niamh Kenney ’22 was the first among the Judges to finish the race, placing eighth overall with a time of 23:03. She was closely followed by Erin Magill ’23 who finished ninth with a time of 23:09. Natalie Hattan ’22 was the third to finish from Brandeis, placing 13th overall with a time of 23:30. Juliette Intrieri ’24 placed 23rd in the race, with a time of 23:57. Bridget Pickard ’23 finished 37th with a time of 24:32, followed by Zada Forde ’25 who placed 45th overall, with a time of 24:47. Lizzy Reynolds ’24 finished 66th with a time of 25:27.

This will be the first time since 2018 that the Judges will go to the NCAA Division III Championships and sixth in its history. The best performances at the competition were in 1991 and 2018, when they placed sixth. 

There are six teams going to the championship: Emory University, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve, University of Chicago, Washington University and Brandeis. 

“I was so proud of how the team ran yesterday … They all ran really smart and tough. They deserve to be rewarded for their performances all season long. It’s great to be back to championship cross country competition,” said head coach Sinead Evans, according to the Brandeis Judges website. 

The 2021 Division III Cross Country Championships will be held on Saturday, Nov. 20, at E.P. “Tom” Sawyer Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The women’s race is at 1 p.m., while the men begin at 12 p.m.. 

Also on Saturday, Nov. 13, the men competed at the Regional championships, placing tenth in the East region. They finished with a score of 331, competing against 33 other teams. 

 Matthew Driben ’22 was the first of the Judges to finish the race, placing 44th with a time of 27:27. He was followed by Daniel Frost ’25 who placed 49th with a time of 27:36. Willem Goff ’24 was the third Judge to finish, placing 66th, with a time of 28:11.

Casey Brackett ’23 placed in 87th with a time of 28:43, followed by Lucas Dia ’25 who placed 90th, with a time of 28:48. Jac Guerra ’22 completed the race with a time of 29:01 and placed 96th. Samuel Kim ’25 finished 104th, with a time of 29:10. There were a total of 234 runners competing. 

This concludes the men’s season.

News Editor Victoria Morrongiello is a member of the women’s cross country team and did not contribute to this article.


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