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In the Senate, Nov. 21

The student union saw three clubs for charters, recognitions and de-charters. The three clubs were Period Activists at ‘Deis (PAD), Brandeis Undergraduate Consulting Club and Quant Club Chartering. 

PAD—a club promoting menstrual justice according to their constitution—was seen for a constitution change that was passed. The change was to the media and outreach chair position. This position would be required to create graphics for flyers and posters for the club as well as create social media content and maintain social media accounts. The position would be responsible for editing the PAD monthly digital magazine, communicating with on and off-campus organizations and sending weekly emails on behalf of the club. 

The Brandeis Undergraduate Consulting Club—a group which connects students to industry speakers according to their linkedin page—was looking to become established. The motion passed. 

The Quant Club—a group that provides experience to students in quantitative finance by allowing them to create projects and enter in competitions according to their constitution—was also looking to become established. The motion was passed. 

The Senate also reviewed communications in their committees. The administrative communications did not have a meeting on Sunday, Nov. 28. The Executive Board also did not have a meeting. 

The Senate Committee Chair Reports. The Rules Committee was presented by Joseph Coles ’22 where he reviewed the senate agenda and discussed the Judiciary meeting he attended. 

The Service and Outreach committee met and are planning Midnight Buffet—the Student Union’s largest and most popular event according to their Instagram page

Health and Safety Committee chair, Skye Liu ’23, discussed the refilling of the condom dispensers in both Massell and North Quad. 

The Club Support Committee shared that it would be wrapping up work on new clubs. 

The Sustainability senator, Peyton Gillespie ’25, had a meeting with A-Board in order to discuss implementing sustainable efforts in the Marathon application for clubs. There is a project in the works which will use fund shuttles to Logan Airport every Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

The Student Union is continuing to look for how to support the student voices of the Brandeis Climate Justice group on campus after they released an opinion article about the university’s divestment plan

The Allocations Board spoke about working on Marathon.

In the senator reports, Gillespie spoke on working on getting free menstrual products through the Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund (CEEF)—a funding available to on-campus products which enhance the Brandeis community, according to their page

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