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It’s the mintiest season of the year

There is a special place in hell for the person who decided that peppermint is only a seasonal flavor. I want to enjoy my peppermint lattes, peppermint candy, peppermint hot chocolate and basically all things peppermint all year long. But alas that would be too good to be true, so instead, I binge on all things mint in the three months they are available for. 

Taking a step back, let me just say that peppermint is not the superior minty flavor. Regular mint is clearly much better, but since this country doesn’t seem to appreciate it, I have to settle for peppermint. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that peppermint season starts in early November; pumpkin spice is nice and stuff, but it cannot compare. 

To the people who think that mint only belongs in toothpaste and gum: I feel sorry for your tastebuds. Mint is the only ice cream you can eat without feeling like there’s too much of it. Its flavor is perfect: it is not too strong but also clearly there. How can you not like mint flavored things? It is such a unique and cool flavor, you can’t not be in the mood for it. And it works so well as basically anything. I even own mint perfume, which of course I wear to celebrate mint season. (It really should be called mint season instead of Christmas season). 

Though I have to say, mint and chocolate as a combination is so overused. Just leave mint alone: not all minty things need chocolate to go with it. Have you ever had just mint ice cream without the chocolate chips? It is so much better without chocolate chips (especially if the chocolate chips are made out of bad chocolate, now that’s just a sin). Think about mint candy canes, is there really a better holiday season candy? No, there isn’t. 

Now here comes the real question: who decided that mint should be a seasonal flavor? Or an even better question: why do seasonal flavors even exist? Everyone goes nuts for these seasonal flavors, but if people like them so much then why can’t we keep them around all year long? Every year there is a trip to Dunkin during which I am told that they are out of peppermint season, and my taste buds go into a constant state of depression until next November. 

I can make the same argument for fall season: if everyone loves apple cider and apple cider donuts so much why can’t they be around all year round? There is nothing worse than craving a peppermint mocha in June or an apple cider donut in February. Why do you do this to me, America? Why can’t I just enjoy the things I love all year long? When I first moved here, one of the things that made me the most homesick was not being able to get mint mochas: those were always a source of comfort to me. 

I get that having these products year round would destroy the hope around them and make them less special, but let’s be real here: you are not a true fan if you don’t want to have a peppermint latte every day of your life. Why can’t they just make enough peppermint syrup to last all year? True fans will enjoy these flavors year-round. 

Imagine this: you are sitting there enjoying an apple cider donut with a mint mocha. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Yeah it really would be. Instead we are stuck with lame flavors like caramel or vanilla (don’t get me wrong, they aren’t bad, just not as good as mint). Overall, what can I say, dear everyone: please make peppermint a year-round flavor.  

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