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Senate Log 1/30

The Student Union resumed its weekly meetings on Sunday, Jan. 30, to commence the start of the spring 2022 semester. The senate met over Zoom to discuss some of their goals for the semester.

Peyton Gillespie ’25 mentioned that he is currently writing the funding proposal for the free menstrual products pilot involving women’s menstrual products to be provided in all the women’s bathrooms in freshman housing. 

Gillespie discussed plans for the  “beautification” of Massel pond, which is set to take place later in the semester. Another plan Gillespieis is overseeing is the chartering of the chess club on campus. 

Cameron Johnson ’25 mentioned that he is currently working on raising awareness for the Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund (CEEF). CEEF has two main functions: to serve as emergency funding for student projects on campus and provide funding for student-led initiatives on campus, according to the CEEF page on the university’s website

Ashna Kelkar ’24 plans to continue being the chair of the dining committee and hopes to appoint a co-chair to the position. Lia Bergen ’25 volunteered to fill the co-chair position proposed by Kelkar. 

Jeremiah Lemelson ’23 discussed the possibility of starting a website or online platform to organize a list of student “side hustles” on campus. This would serve as a resource on campus for students. As the Foster Mods senator, Lemelson also plans to address the issues surrounding facilities that people complained about last semester. 

While continuing to be on the sustainability committee, Nicholas Kanan ’23 was in communication with the research and technology department and hopes to continue to work with the maker space to ensure that sustainability training is taught to users of the maker lab. 

Sahil Muthuswami ’24 plans to continue meeting with the Department of Community Living (DCL) staff to ensure transparency with what goes on with the university finances. Muthuswami is also working with DCL to work towards getting new washing machines and dryers in all residence halls. 

Skye Liu ’23 will continue to run the health and safety committee and plans to communicate with the BCC to purchase sun lamps that students will be able to rent out. Liu also plans to appoint a co-chair as Liu might step down from her position next semester. 

Sofia Lee ’24 claims to have received feedback from the students in the class of 2024 and plans to organize socializing events for students to meet and get to know each other as they did not have an in-person orientation in the fall of 2020. 

In other news, Coles also announced that the union will host a Jeopardy watch party in support of Joey Kornman ’23 who will be participating in the national college championship. The Student Union intends to ensure transportation for students who are moving to isolation housing after testing positive for the coronavirus on campus, this will be via BranVan according to Coles. 

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