The Seattle Kraken is a bust

Sorry to the NHL, but the Seattle Kraken is a bust. When I watched the Seattle Kraken draft in July 2021, I was hopeful that this would be a fun new addition to the NHL lineup. A fresh expansion to the Pacific division with good promising players on the roster, high hopes were in the […]

Student Union holds elections for next academic year

The Student Union released the list of candidates running in the spring 2022 elections via email on March 27. There are ten positions that are being filled in this round of elections including: Student Union President and Vice President, Secretary, Head Treasurer, Junior representative to the Board of Trustees, two representatives to the Brandeis Sustainability […]

Women’s tennis lose tight match with Babson

In a match on Sunday, the Judges fell to Babson 4-5. It took place even as many on the Brandeis team are still in isolation and quarantine following COVID-19 policies. The head-to-head also reunited the Brandeis team with Mike Kopelman, the Judges assistant coach who left in 2018 to coach for Babson.   After the […]

Elden Ring’s PVP is kinda broken right now

In my last article on “Elden Ring,” I hypothesized that its player vs. player (PVP) experience would feel very much like the one found in “Dark Souls 3” but with substantial improvements. Well, now that I have played “Elden Ring” for 200+ hours, I can say that this hypothesis is only half true at the […]

‘Our Flag Means Death’ is the best new show on television

We all know the story of Blackbeard: The violent, sociopathic, demon pirate who put fuses in his beard to terrify his victims and ended up with his decapitated head strung up the mast of his own ship. What you may not know is this dangerous homicidal man once co-captained a ship with Stede Bonnet, or […]