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In the belly of the Beast: a review of Mr. Beast Burger

Ordered through the BiteU app and delivered by KiwiBot, Mr. Beast Burger has been a huge hit on campus since its introduction. So we decided to try it. Spoiler alert: it’s just ok.


The ordering process

Max: Any excitement from Mr. Beast Burger being added to Brandeis’ dining options was quickly extinguished by the horrible hours and the odd payment method requirements. This restaurant is only available for 12 hours a week, while most other restaurants are open for 12 hours a day. Furthermore, the only way to pay for this service was through a credit card rather than a meal swipe, points or WhoCash. This isn’t entirely desirable, but if the food is good, then all of this will be made up for. However, the pricing is different than the Mr. Beast Burger restaurant in this area, as some food items are more expensive at the restaurant while others are cheaper at campus. Since there is a Mr. Beast Burger a few miles away from campus, it creates the question of was this even a necessary addition.


Cooper: There’s no time to explain how terrible the BiteU app is, so suffice it to say that ordering Mr. Beast Burger was a pain. Additionally, KiwiBots are allegedly piloted by Colombian workers making $2 an hour, so the kickable robots that delivered this food don’t have much appeal to me. It’s also annoying that we have to pay using a credit card instead of just using dining dollars. But that’s enough complaining; now it’s time to eat.


The food

Max: We ordered a “Beast Combo,” which included a double patty burger with pickles, mayo, and ketchup, as we ordered without any pickles or onions. What we ordered was fifty cents less expensive than if we ordered outside of the school. There was also an order of seasoned fries and a water bottle. The KiwiBot took around 40 minutes to arrive, yet the food was still warm and crispy while the water was cold. The burger itself was just mediocre. It reminded me of a Wendy’s burger, but there wasn’t any tomato, lettuce included, or really any other topping besides a few pickle slices. Then there were the so-called seasoned fries, which lacked a lot of flavor. There was no extra price to pay for seasoned fries vs normal fries, so I can not complain that much. The fries were also just mediocre, but if there was ketchup included in the bag, they would have been a lot better. Overall, the hype behind the name of the brand seems to have been better than the food itself, which can be described as just “meh it’s ok.”


Cooper: The only way that I can describe this experience is “it’s fine.” We split a “Beast Combo,” which included a burger, fries and a bottle of water. We got no onions or American cheese on the burger, and chose to get seasoning on our fries. The food itself was just ok. The burger was a bit overdone, and the fries lacked flavor and didn’t come with any ketchup or mustard. But, the burger and fries were warm and not soggy, while the bottle of water was still cold. I’d give the burger a five out of 10 and the fries a four out of 10. If there was ketchup included or the burger was cooked a little bit less, then I think this experience would have been much more enjoyable.


Final thoughts

Max: Since a credit card was used as payment, my main focus was getting my money’s worth for the food. After eating at other fast food restaurants that focus on hamburgers, such as Five Guys and Shake Shack, I believe that it would be better off ordering one of the two and getting it delivered. I just don’t think Mr. Beast Burger can hold up to the fries of Shake Shack or the burger to Five Guys. You can get a fully customized burger from Five Guys with tomato, lettuce and bacon with a large amount of fries for around the same price, which seems to just be the better option. Would I order again from Mr. Beast Burger? Maybe, as it did come quick and stayed hot which is often a problem with UberEats. However I would not order it frequently, as both myself and probably a very high number of students, do not like to eat fast food that often. This would probably be a “once a month” order if at all. Certain features like being able to pay with a meal swipe or being able to pick up the food yourself would make me more likely to order again, but not that likely.

Cooper: When eating this, I couldn’t help but compare it to other fast food locations like Five Guys. There’s a Five Guys location just a 15 minute walk from campus, and it’s better than a KiwiBot delivery of Mr. Beast Burger ever could be. At Five Guys, you get more toppings and a better selection of toppings (including mushrooms, jalapeño peppers and hot sauce) for free. Also, they have free peanuts! The quality of Five Guys is better, there’s more freedom to choose what you want to eat, and it can even be cheaper than Mr. Beast Burger if you’re willing to take a 15 minute walk into Waltham. When compared to Five Guys, Mr. Beast Burger doesn’t hold up. I can’t recommend it to anyone, because I know there’s a better dining experience less than a mile away. It’s nice that Sodexo is trying to add new food options to campus, but it would be even better if they improve the dining options that we already have. Food at the dining halls borders on inedible most of the time, and I feel that Sodexo should fix that problem instead of adding unhealthy celebrity-branded food to our campus.

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