In the belly of the Beast: a review of Mr. Beast Burger

Ordered through the BiteU app and delivered by KiwiBot, Mr. Beast Burger has been a huge hit on campus since its introduction. So we decided to try it. Spoiler alert: it’s just ok.   The ordering process Max: Any excitement from Mr. Beast Burger being added to Brandeis’ dining options was quickly extinguished by the […]

Gregory Zuckerman ’88: ‘The Hunt for the Covid Vaccine’

In a webinar that took place on April 6, Gregory Zuckerman ’88 discussed his book “A Shot to Save the World: The Inside Story of the Life-or-Death Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine,” as well as journalism during the coronavirus pandemic.    The event was introduced by President Ron Liebowitz, who said that “Brandeis is excited […]

David Weil rejected as U.S. Department of Labor’s top wage-hour regulator

The Senate voted on naming David Weil (HELLER)—Dean and professor for the Heller School for Social Policy and Management—as Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division administrator on March 30. Weil had been nominated by Biden but was blocked from the position in a Senate vote.  The motion was blocked by a 47-53 vote, with 47 […]

Presence of progressive left in France’s election

While the progressive left most certainly exists in the United States and comes into mainstream media on occasion, over the past few elections we have seen a strong inclination towards empowering centrist candidates and moderates: a result of America’s insistence of maintaining a two party system. This two party system between the Republicans and Democrats […]

Panera’s new ‘Take Chicken Sandwich’ review

In an unexpected turn of events, the chicken sandwich wars have a new, unexpected contestant: Panera. Now, we are all probably thinking the same thing: why? Though for once, we do not have a good answer for you.    Panera came out with two chicken sandwiches: “The Signature Take Chicken Sandwich” and “The Spicy Take […]

Ranking muffins on campus

I’m not typically a food reviewer, that job title has been reserved for Sasha Skarboviychuk (GRAD) and John Fornagiel ’22 and I am just a humble novice in comparison. Honestly, I don’t have many opinions, my job is typically to not have those so when asked to write an op I thought of the one […]

Daria Bakhtiari ’22 reflects on her soccer career

Soccer has always been in Daria Bakhtiari’s ’22 DNA. From her father being a professional soccer player to starting the sport when she was only two, it seems like everywhere she went, soccer went with her. And with impressive records too: Bakhtiari was selected for the 2021 United Soccer Coaches All-Region II team, as well […]

State of Blackness celebrates the ICC and Brandeis’ Black community

Brandeis students and alumni celebrated the 30th anniversary of Intercultural Center (ICC) and Brandeis and academic excellence by the Black student community in a two-day gala called the State of Blackness. The purpose of the event was to commemorate the contributions of BIPOC students at Brandeis through performance, personal reflection, music and art. The event […]

It’s okay to cringe at yourself, but also: remember to enjoy things

I’m not totally afraid to admit my 13 year old self’s interests. Like a certain population of other 13 year old girls, I too made a Tumblr blog and participated in the mind-mass fangirling over Benedict Cumberbatch, but specifically in his “Sherlock” era. I never watched “Supernatural,” but I was familiar enough with the show […]

Speakers for commencement for Classes of 2022, 2021 and 2020 announced

President Ron Liebowitz announced this year’s commencement speakers in an email to the Brandeis community on April 1. The email specified speakers for the Class of 2022 ceremony, as well the “[Re]Commencement” for the Classes of 2021 and 2020.    “Deval Patrick, H’17, the 71st governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, will offer the Class […]

‘Inviting In:’ a ball celebrating diverse queer identities on campus

On Saturday April 2, students from various groups on campus hosted the second ever queer drag ball at Brandeis University entitled “Inviting In: A Ball Celebrating Pride.” The ball was a follow up to a similar event, “Drag Me to the Stein,” which occurred in October.    The event was hosted in the lobby of […]

Senate log 4/3

The Brandeis Running Club was successfully chartered during the senate meeting. Jenny Zhao ’24 and Danna Jaffe ’24 attended the meeting and shared a presentation on the workings of their club. The club plans to hold group running sessions one to two times a week at a few different locations. In the future, the club […]

‘The Bubble’ is Judd Apatow’s worst movie yet

“The Bubble” (2022), is a two-hour meta-comedy, written and directed by Judd Apatow, about celebrities filming a dumb action movie during the pandemic. Had I known that information going in, I probably would not have watched it. I really wish I had known that information.   There is simply nothing as cringey as a poorly […]

Judges open outdoor track season with wins

The Judges opened their outdoor track season at the Wellesley Invitational. Although the meet was unscored, the men won eight events while the women won seven.    On the men’s side, Danny Krigman ’25 placed first in the 100 meter dash with a time of 11.71. In the 200 meter dash, Jamie O’Neil ’22 placed […]

Petition spreads addressing Community Advisor (CA) meal compensation

A petition began circulating around social media on April 6 relating to the compensation of Community Advisors (CA), the petition addresses the current “inadequate” compensation of community advisors and proposes demands to remedy the situation. A main point of the petition is having the university compensate CAs by covering the cost of their meal plan, […]

‘driving home 2 u’ showcases Olivia Rodrigo’s greatest strengths

Now a Grammy-award winning artist, Olivia Rodrigo was and still is one of the hottest new artists of 2021 and onwards. At only 18 years old, she released the beloved hit “drivers license,” which has blown up Spotify and other streaming platforms since its release. Since “drivers license,” she’s released equally powerful and punk-poppish hits […]

Women’s tennis fall to NYU and Tufts as men’s team dominates NYU

A pair of losses drops the women’s season record to 3-8. With COVID-19 outbreaks, unideal weather events and injuries over the past few weeks, the team resolved their three plagues just in time for Passover. Even with a full and healthy team, however, the Judges faltered: first losing a tight match against New York University […]

‘Bridgerton’ season two is somehow better than season one

Imagine: it’s March 25 and you are swearing to yourself that you’re not going to binge “Bridgerton” season two. You’ve waited over a year for this moment, so now it’s time to savor the magic. You succeed the first day, opening Netflix to watch just one episode, only to immediately fail the challenge, watching the […]

An interview with former UCS Chief Climate Scientist Peter Frumhoff

During his recent visit to Brandeis’ campus, former Chief Climate Scientist and Director of Science and Policy at the Union of Concerned Scientists Dr. Peter Frumhoff sat down with The Brandeis Hoot for an interview. He spoke about his work in the field of climate science, what tomorrow’s answer to climate change may be and […]

The next best team: the Minnesota Wild

Founded in 2000, The Minnesota Wild was the first expansion team of the millenia and it would take decades for it to find its footing. The only National Hockey League (NHL) team based in Minnesota, it had a duty to fill the hearts of Northern U.S. hockey fans. The Wild’s first few seasons as an […]