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SSO now required to log in to Zoom

Tim O’Neil, University Director of Information Technology, Client Services, sent an email to members of the Brandeis community sharing an update on Brandeis’ use of the Zoom web conferencing service.

According to the email, “starting August 23, 2022, all users wishing to access their Zoom account will be required to log in to Zoom using Single Sign-On (SSO), utilizing UNET credentials through the central Brandeis login page.”

Instead of using a traditional Zoom login, “all attempts to login from Zoom’s main web page (zoom.us) using a brandeis.edu email address will direct the user to the Brandeis login page where UNET credentials can be entered.” The intended after-effects of this change are an enhancement of “the security of Brandeis Zoom accounts while ensuring that Brandeis users have access to all of the features offered by our Zoom site license.”

O’Neil also noted that “this change does NOT affect users who already log in via brandeis.zoom.us OR through the Zoom app using the ‘SSO’ button, and therefore no action is required for these users. Additionally, this change will NOT affect users who simply click on existing Zoom meeting links to attend such meetings. They will remain able to do so as meeting attendees.”

The email also mentions that “Zoom licenses remain available to all active Brandeis faculty, staff and students,” and asks that students and faculty “direct any questions related to this change to help@brandeis.edu.”

Zoom is currently available to all members of the university’s faculty staff and students, according to the Information, Technology and Services (ITS) webpage. In order to get a Zoom account, community members must download the software for Zoom and then press ‘Login’ on the home page, according to the ITS page. Community members are then instructed to log in with their Brandeis username and password on the Brandeis login page which will then automatically set up a Zoom account. For additional support, community members can contact webconferencing@brandeis.edu

Zoom was introduced to Brandeis courses in March 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Classes were held remotely via the Zoom app and the university continued this partnership for the past two years. Community members can use Zoom for teaching and or attending classes remotely, attending office hours, attending interdepartmental meetings, viewing guest lectures, job interviews, student project collaboration, conference calling and keeping in touch with family and friends, according to the ITS page.

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