Women’s cross country third at NCAA Regionals

As the cross-country season enters its final stages, the Brandeis men’s and women’s cross-country teams traveled to Bowdoin College on Nov. 12 for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Regional Championships. Last year, the women’s team finished in third and the men’s team finished in 11th. The first race of the day was the women’s […]

‘The Crown’ season 5: God save the queen

I’ve been watching “The Crown” since 2016, because every 15-year-old should be watching a drama about the British royal family. While “The Crown” isn’t one of my favorite shows, I do enjoy using it as background noise while I’m folding laundry or doing other chores.  The series has received critical acclaim, having received both Emmy […]

A glimpse into Overheard at Brandeis: We are all ears

It’s another normal day on Brandeis campus, and you are eating at the dining hall with your friends, when suddenly you overhear a stranger say the most hilarious thing you could have ever imagined. You wish that this moment could be encapsulated in time forever, for future generations to hear…    Luckily, Overheard at Brandeis […]

Univ. admin speak on construction of Science 2A complex

Ginelle Lang, Director of Campus Planning, and Carol Fierke, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, spoke to The Brandeis Hoot regarding the construction and plans for the new science complex. New details about the science complex project—known as Science 2A—were announced in October 2022.  “The addition of Phase 2A to the science complex […]

Brandeis journalism dep. hosts event about the history of abortion

On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a historic landmark case that made abortion a protected right. Overturning this case means that it is up to the states to decide if people have the right to a safe abortion. The discrepancies between states and their protected rights has made abortion a hot-button […]