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Student Union hosts first round of elections for spring 2023 semester

The Student Union announced that it would be holding its winter elections in an email to community members on Jan. 20. Seats open in this round of elections include ​​Secretary, Senator for the Class of 2023, East Quad Senator, Senator for the Class of 2026, Foster Mod Senator, Mid Year Senator, MKTYP Senator, Allocations Board Three-Semester Term, Allocations Board One-Year Term and Allocations Board Racial Minority Representative One-Year Term. 

For each of the positions there is only one seat open; students were invited to an election information session hosted by the student union on Monday, Jan. 23. This oppportunity allowed students to ask questions about what being a member of the Brandeis student government entails and what is required of each position.

The campaigning period ran from Wednesday, Jan. 25, until the day of balloting, which will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 1. According to the candidate bios shared with community members on, there are 12 students running for the nine positions. Students running for these positions are expected to adhere to the Student Union election rules

Carol Kornworcel ’26 is running for the secretary position. Kornworcel wrote in her candidate bio that she has experience working with the student union as Director of Media and Outreach. Kornworce wrote that she would “want to continue [her] work through both positions by promoting transparent and direct communication with [students] throughout the remainder of this academic year.” If elected to this position, Kornworce plans to establish and maintain a bi-weekly newsletter with Student Union updates, according to her candidate bio, to make sure that students have all the information they need to have “the best Brandeis experience possible.”

Steve Gaughan ’26 is also running for the secretary position. “Day or night, if something needed doing, no matter how tedious and bureaucratic, or ambitious and improbable, I would put in the effort to get it done, and I’d be thrilled to bring the same energy to Student Union,” wrote Gaughan in his candidate bio. Noting his experience, Gaughan wrote that he has organized meetings, drafted constitutions, led systematic club reforms and ensured that his fellow students were represented. 

East Quad Senator 

Running unopposed is Sherry Tao ’25. Tao noted that her biggest strength is having previously served as the mid-year senator for the student union. Tao’s experiences have taught her “organizational skills, leadership skills and stronger will to make the Brandeis community better.” Tao also noted in her bio that living in East is a “love-hate” relationship and she hopes to restore some parts that add to the hate part of the relationship, according to the candidate bio

Senator for the Class of 2023

There were no students listed on the candidate bios document to be running for this position. 

Senator for the Class of 2026
Tyler Johnson ’26 is running for the Senator for Class of 2026 position. Johnson wrote that one of his principal running points is transparency which he plans to provide through “clear and consistent communication,” according to his candidate bio. “I believe that Student Union is not just another opportunity for resume-building, but is my chance at making my Brandeis community a better place for everyone,” wrote Johnson. Johnson notes that while he may not be able to solve every problem brought to him, if elected he would always put in the effort to help community members work towards solving problems on campus. 

Ifigenia Oxyzolou ’26 did not submit a candidate bio to the Student Snion to be added, according to the document

Foster Mods Senator

There were no students listed on the candidate bios document to be running for this position.  

Mid Year Senator

Matthew Norris ’26 is running for Mid-Year Senator. Norris noted that while he is still adjusting to campus he wants to be involved in the community. “I’m running for this position because I want to help all Midyears feel like they can easily acclimate into Brandeis society,” wrote Norris. Norris noted that if elected to the position, he is happy to navigate problems together with students to find solutions. 


Zach Grossman ’26 is also running for the Mid-Year Senator position. “I really like helping people out and thought that I could maybe put my skills to good use as a representative for the midyears,” wrote Grossman. If elected to the position Grossman hopes to serve as a “genuine” connection between student government and mid-years. 

MKTYP Senator
There were no students listed on the candidate bios document to be running for this position. 

Allocations Board Three-Semester Term

Myla Indigaro ’26 is running for the Allocations Board seat for a three-semester term. Indigaro wrote in the bio that she wants to provide funding so that clubs not only function but “flourish.” According to her bio, Indigaro wrote that she believes she is qualified because of her experience with handling money. Indigaro was responsible for her Science Olympiad team’s financial transactions in high school. “I am always willing to listen and empathize with any questions or concerns you may have regarding funds, and it is my promise that I will consider the needs of each organization equally,” wrote Indigaro.


Lauren Rifas ’24 is also running for the Allocations Board seat but did not provide a candidate bio to the student union document. 

Allocations Board One-Semester Term 

Cindy Chi ’25 is running for the Allocations Board seat because she wants to help support and advocate for clubs to get the funding they need, according to her candidate bio. “I am running for this position because I understand the importance of holding events that celebrate various interests, goals, and cultures,” wrote Chi. Chi, if elected to the position, plans to be collaborative with other members of the student union to have equitable peer representation. 


Rashail Wasim ’25 is running his campaign on truth, trust and transparency, according to his candidate bio. Wasim writes that these three components are essential and should be restored when it comes to how club funding works on campus. “As an economics major, I understand that nothing works if people don’t have faith in the system,” Wasim wrote. Wasim, if elected, would like to help run a smooth marathon in the spring 2023 semester. 


Jessica Walsh ’25 is also running for the Allocations Board position with a one-semester term. Walsh wrote in her bio that she has “the goal to allocate a small amount of money to the Greek Awareness Council to purchase drug testing strips to test for roofied drinks.” She would like to do this since she felt the response of the university after allegations of roofies at frat parties was “insufficient and dismissive.” Walsh notes her experience includes being a member of Gen One, KAOS dance group and a Humanities Fellow, as well as being the secretary for KGB, a sorority. 

Allocations Board Racial Minority Representative

Sara Motoyama ’25 is running to be the Allocations Board Racial Minority Representative. Motoyama is running unopposed, with goals to improve the distribution of allocation funds in a more equitable manner. “My responsibility is to welcome and embrace the diversity on this campus by making sure these clubs receive the funding they need to build community,” wrote Motoyama. 

Editor’s Note: Deputy Features Editor Myla Indigaro did not contribute to the writing or editing of this article.

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