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Stay safe out there, Brandeis pedestrians!

With the, let’s say unique, layout of our campus, and the fact that it’s still dark at 5:30 p.m., it’s important for both drivers and pedestrians at Brandeis to remain aware of measures they can take to ensure safety. Loop Road creates many blind spots for cars climbing the hill, such as at the crosswalk […]

Student Union seeks to increase transparency with Town Hall event

The Student Union hosted a Town Hall for community members on Thursday, Feb. 2 to promote transparency between the Student Union and students. Student Union president Peyton Gillespie ’25 led a PowerPoint for community members followed by a Q&A session. The Town Hall served to highlight the Student Union budget breakdown and explain the union’s […]

The dangers of censorship and restricting access to knowledge in education

Recent developments in several U.S. states have banned Critical Race Theory, AP African American History and books in general. Such widespread movements for censorship of access to knowledge pertaining to civil rights and the histories of minorities in this country ought to be considered incredibly dangerous. Not only are these restrictive measures exemplary of censorship […]

Vegetables ranking

I randomly saw a tier list of vegetables on social media and was incredibly disappointed. It was so bad that I decided that I had to write the one true ranking of vegetables. I would like to point out, some of these vegetables I rarely eat so there may be some biases there. Anyways, here’s […]

Super Bowl 57 preview

After some very controversial National Football League (NFL) Conference Championships, we have this year’s Super Bowl matchup. The Kansas City Chiefs will be facing off against the Philidelphia Eagles. Personally, I think it can be a fun matchup. The Eagles have an all-around really good team and the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes. Before getting into […]

Brandeis men’s basketball takes on Case Western and Carnegie Mellon

The Brandeis men’s basketball team faced University Athletic Association (UAA) opponents Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) for the first time this season. While the Judges shot a respectable 50% from the field (26-52) against CWRU on Friday night, the Spartans shot lights out from behind the arc to beat the […]

MakerLab and Arts Engagement establish Brandeis Art Exchange

The MakerLab and Brandeis Arts Engagement recently launched the Brandeis Art Exchange, where students can use and donate items for creative projects contained in a small wooden structure outside of the Usdan Student Center. The structure is modeled after the Little Free Library program, which is an initiative originating from the Little Free Library nonprofit […]

Tressie McMillan Cottom receives 2023 Gittler Prize

The university recently selected the recipient for the 2023 Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community by President Ron Liebowitz. The Gittler Prize recognizes outstanding and lasting contributions to racial, ethnic and/or religious issues, according to the prize’s webpage. McMillan Cottom is a current professor with the […]

Women’s Studies Research Center features Becky Behar’s exhibition ‘Interlaced’

The Kniznick Gallery in the Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center now displays a new exhibit called “Interlaced” produced by Becky Behar, a photo-based artist from Columbia. Behar’s artwork focuses on themes regarding motherhood, domesticity and generational links. The exhibition includes still life pieces as well as choreographed portraits illustrating her focal themes. Behar shares part […]

The tragedy of the common(s) course

There’s a well-known problem in political economy: the tragedy of the commons. The problem proposes that where there is a sought after, but limited resource and an unregulated group of agents, the agents, hypothetically acting in their own self-interest, will deplete the resource. The problem underscores that in situations where there is a lack of […]

Student Union winter election results

On Thursday, Feb. 2, Student Union President Peyton Gillespie ’25 sent an email to the Brandeis student body sharing the results of the recent Student Union winter elections. A total of eight seats were filled during this election cycle.  Carol Kornworcel ’26 won the position of secretary against Steve Gaughan ’26. Kornworcel noted in her […]

BookTok worth it or not: ‘The Midnight Library’

Another week, another book. We are now up to reviewing my most current reads which is very exciting—no more back logging books. Here is my deal: I go on Instagram Reels to avoid work. While on Reels I take note of book recommendations from Bookstagram. I then try and find a copy of said book, […]

Swim and dive Senior Day goes swimmingly

Saturday, Jan. 28 was Brandeis swim and dive’s Senior Day. Brandeis faced off against Clark University for the first time since 2020. The men’s team swam well and won 153-89, while the women’s team swam just as well and won 131-112. Both teams had multiple first place finishes that led them to victory.  On the […]

To watch or not to watch: a ranking of hamlet movies

Last semester, I mostly wrote recaps of the Great British Bake Off. While that is all very well and good, I feel as though I need to break into Serious Arts Journalism this semester. Therefore, I have turned to the most Serious of Serious Arts: Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. Over break, I watched six separate […]

Univ. affiliated scholar speaks at UN Holocaust Memorial Ceremony

Karen Frostig, a Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center Affiliated Scholar, spoke at the United Nation’s (UN) Holocaust Memorial Ceremony on Jan. 27. Frostig, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, spoke of her family’s experience at the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust which was guided by themes of home and […]

‘Emily the Criminal’ is the everyman’s crime thriller

Quietly released on Netflix after premiering primarily on the film festival circuit, “Emily the Criminal” is an uncomplicated crime thriller elevated through its quality emotional beats and well-done societal commentary. With a runtime of 93 minutes and a lack of excessive violence or explicit sex, it is an easy watch that could be enjoyed by […]

A long-awaited analysis of Edward Gorey’s ‘The Doubtful Guest’

From the darkened black cross hatching within its illustrations to purposeful and ominous poetry, “The Doubtful Guest” by Edward Gorey is a brilliant children’s book. Or is it? Indeed, this book may not even be for children, as Gorey’s publisher refused to publish the story in the children’s category. With a growing unease that rivals […]

Mikaela Shiffrin becomes winningest female alpine skier in history

Based on the countless records she has set, professional ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin’s name will have a place in the record books forever. Shiffrin was born in Vail, Colorado, the epicenter of ski country in the US. Having parents who were avid skiers from the Northeast, the importance of skiing was instilled in Mikaela from […]