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Stay safe out there, Brandeis pedestrians!

With the, let’s say unique, layout of our campus, and the fact that it’s still dark at 5:30 p.m., it’s important for both drivers and pedestrians at Brandeis to remain aware of measures they can take to ensure safety. Loop Road creates many blind spots for cars climbing the hill, such as at the crosswalk from Skyline down to East Quad. No matter how carefully students look for oncoming traffic, oftentimes cars zoom up the hill so quickly that pedestrians have to jog a little to get off the road, or do a weird little panicked hop back onto the curb. If you’re driving on Brandeis’ campus, chances are you’ve been here before, so be aware of these blind spots and slow down to look out for people crossing the road!

Another tricky area is on South Street, when students are crossing on either side of Squire Bridge. There’s a crosswalk across from Linsey Pool and the Foster Mods, but even with the flashing lights on, some cars still fail to stop for crossers. With the distance from this crosswalk, and even the entrance to Squire Bridge, from the campus’s main entrance, some have been calling for another crosswalk to be installed on the other side of Squire Bridge, to allow students heading toward Charles River Apartments, for example, to easier cross South Street. Again, drivers: remain alert as you drive by campus, as there are nearly always students trying to cross on either side of the bridge. Walkers, don’t forget to push that flashing lights button at the Linsey crosswalk and look both ways five times each to make sure you’re all set to cross.

While we’re on the topic of transportation safety at Brandeis, here are some updates on shuttle routes since last semester: Campus and Waltham shuttles are still being run by Joseph’s Transportation, and BranVans by Escort Safety Service (ESS). For the most up-to-date information on these shuttles, including temporary delays and route cancellations, students can check the ESS BranVan Instagram account, @essbranvan. As of Jan. 25, the Boston/Cambridge shuttle is expected to begin this month, according to Public Safety’s shuttle webpage. As we explain in our coverage of the Student Union Town Hall event, Public Safety is currently in contact with third-party contractors, both to bring the shuttle back in the short-term and find a long-term solution. The article also explains other potential transportation initiatives the university and the Student Union are exploring. For now, the Public Safety shuttle page also includes information on alternative transportation options in the Boston and Waltham area, including the 553 MBTA bus route from the stop outside the campus’s entrance, and the 70 bus route, which includes stops on Main Street in Waltham.

Our editorial from last semester following the shuttle crash highlighted how resilient and supportive our Brandeis community is. Let’s keep looking out for each other, on Loop Road, South Street and everywhere else.

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