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Students put on annual Liquid Latex show: ‘Naked and Unafraid’

On Thursday, March 30, students decked their bodies in liquid latex to perform in Levin Ballroom for the 22nd annual Liquid Latex Showcase. This year’s theme was “Naked and Unafraid” and featured four choreographed dance numbers. 

“Art, performance, dance and expression are all encapsulated into individual pieces created by and starring Brandeis students. Designers and choreographers create a story to tell through body art, dance and musicality,” according to the playbill. 

The show was emceed by Izzy Goodman ’23 and Sidy Kante ’25, who introduced each of the acts being performed. The first dance was choreographed and designed by Caroline Hall ’23 titled “The Speis Girls.” The description of the dance was “A totally major celebration of Girl power and 90s pop culture moments.” The performance included eight models.

The next number was designed by Ayşe Erbaş ’23 and choreographed by Delaine Gneco De La Cruz ’23. The performance titled “Plastic Golden Frames” was inspired by famous artists including Vincent Van Gogh, Keith Haring, Claude Monet and more. Another student in this performance was painted with influence from the Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. “Plastic Golden Frames” included seven models in the performance, which meant to show paintings being awakened, “outside their frames when the museum goes dark, until disaster strikes and darkness overcomes.” Before the performance, Erbaş told the audience to think of it like “Night at the Museum.”

The next performance was called “Just Add Hot Pink and Glitter,” designed by Lillian Rao ’23 and choreographed by Abigail Hirsh ’23 and Alaysia Penso ’23. “The piece represents hyperfemininity as a counterculture developed from camp and carried through drag,” according to the playbill. The music design was by Quinn Bonnyman ’23 and the piece featured five models.

The last performance of the night was called “Average Mike” which was “just some average mikes doing some magic moves,” according to the playbill. The designer for this piece was Josh Taylor-Klaus ’23 and the choreographer was Desi Tidwell ’26. The number included eight models. 

The models in the performance prepped for hours prior to the beginning of the start of the event at 8 p.m., according to the playbill. The painting process itself took eight hours; the club also practiced the dances in the weeks leading up to the showcase.

The Liquid Latex club is led by President Hall and Vice President Hannah Witmore ’23. The club puts on its annual performance to endorse and encourage “body neutrality, self love and self empowerment,” according to the showcase playbill.

Editor’s Note: Deputy Opinions Editor Jamie Trope did not contribute to the writing or editing of this article.

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