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What is the worst candy ever created?

This week’s ranking will be even more controversial than normal. I am going to rank 50 candies. The problem with candies is that there are so many of them and there are so many versions of them. There are probably 10+ versions of M&Ms that I could have ranked. In this case, I mixed up a bunch of lists that I found online to rank. This time I have actually tried all of these candies. So let’s begin. 


  1. Peeps

I am going to be honest, I am not sure if peeps are really candy. Personally, I think the texture is absolutely ridiculous. Oh yeah and apparently they are really bad for you.


  1. Almond Joy

I lose all joy when I eat an Almond Joy. 


  1. Pixie Stix

This is another one where I am not entirely sure if it is a candy. They are literally just sugar. I do remember the days where everyone would be sneaking around the elementary school classroom like it was contraband. That was fun. 


  1. Tootsie Roll

I really do not like Tootsie Rolls. They are just too hard to eat and in the end they do not taste good enough to make them worth it. 


  1. Tootsie Pop

They are just kind of boring. 


  1. Ring Pop

In my opinion, they may be the most overrated candy. Yeah they are sort of cool because they make a ring, but do they taste good? Nope. 


  1. Cadbury Egg

I admit, I have not had a lot of Cadbury Eggs in my lifetime and that may be skewing my viewpoint. 

  1. Warheads

They are fun to eat, but don’t have a great taste. 


  1. Candy Corn

There is a vegetable in the name, so how can it be a good candy? 


  1. Three Musketeers

Did you know that it got its name because it used to be in three parts? The original package actually came with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 


  1. Dum-Dums 

I think as a nostalgia factor, they are great. When you are younger, you get them as rewards from class or when you go to the doctor’s office. But overall, it’s a lollipop so it can’t be that good. 


  1. Butterfinger

They aren’t bad. They are just a lot. 


  1. Airhead

Head air?


  1. Pez

I don’t think Pez tastes bad at all. They just aren’t substantial enough to be higher on this list. 


  1. Blow Pops

This just sounds wrong. 


  1. Dubble Bubble

There isn’t really anything wrong with gum in general. They are just different kinds of candy. You can’t exactly eat gum. 


  1. Jolly Rancher

I never got the appeal of Jolly Ranchers. They kinda just sit around in your mouth. There isn’t anything jolly about them. 


  1. Swedish fish

In Sweden they are just called fish. 


  1. Milky Way

In the Milky Way, they are just     .


  1. Pop Rocks

They are cool. The sound they make is a lot of fun, but beyond that they are just meh. 


  1. Milk Duds

I think because it’s chocolate I am inclined to say it’s good. The inside isn’t that great though. In general, they are just easy to eat. 


  1. Whoppers

Whopper, Whopper, Junior, Double, Triple Whopper. 


  1. Smarties

Some may say that candy makes you dumber. I disagree. They just make you have sugar cravings all the time. 


  1. SweeTARTS

Can someone explain the difference between SweeTARTS and Smarties?


  1. Starburst

The packaging is honestly genius. You can just pass them off to anyone and it’s so easy to open and eat. The taste is decent but I am more impressed by the packaging. 


  1. Nerds

Why hasn’t anyone made a candy called geeks? That would be a decent competitor. 


  1. Jelly Beans

They may have snuck their way this high in the list. I definitely forgot about ranking them and it’s too late to move them. 


  1. Twizzlers

I never crave Twizzlers but when you start eating them it’s hard to stop. 


  1. Toblerone

They come in a cool box. 


  1. Hi-Chew

Bless you. 


20.5. Left Twix

They have everything you want. Plus they have a cool name. 


  1. Right Twix

There’s a difference.


  1. M&Ms 

These are the normal ones and they are great. They are a great snack and dessert. 


  1. Snickers

If you haven’t tried eating them with a fork and knife, then you should. It is significantly better that way. You also should eat your M&Ms with a spoon. 


  1. Dots

They are a totally underrated candy. I think they might be my go-to movie theater snack. 


  1. Lemonhead



  1. Gummy Bear

I have a funny story about gummy bears. One time, my dad bought a pack of gummy bears for a trip to Hong Kong. We took them to Hong Kong and didn’t eat them at all. Then we flew home and brought them back. A few months later we took a trip to Europe and brought the same pack of gummy bears. Of course we still didn’t eat them. They came back home with us. I am pretty sure we took a few more trips with those gummy bears.. It may have been a few years before we ate them. 


  1. Hershey Kiss

It’s pure chocolate and there is nothing wrong with that. 


  1. Hershey Chocolate Bar

Alright this is better cause there is more chocolate. 


  1. Gummy Worms

I think gummy worms are just more fun than gummy bears. 


  1. Sour Patch Kids

Are there sour patch adults?


  1. Mike and Ike

I wish that I had friends named Mike and Ike. It would be so easy to get them birthday presents. 


  1. Peanut M&Ms

At one point these might have killed me. I am pretty sure I once mistook these for normal M&Ms when I was allergic to peanuts. Now, I think they are great. 


  1. Kit Kat

More like Kit Calli haha. Okay that was a stretch. I ran out of time to think of a pun. 


  1. Skittles

They are just so classic. In my opinion, they are the most consistent candy. 


  1. Junior Mint

They have magical powers. It’s always good to have them in the surgical room. 


  1. Crunch

Crunch has a great texture. Crunchy and chocolatey. 


  1. Reese’s Pieces

Portable Reeses. I think I could eat an entire box of them without even breaking a sweat. 


  1. York Peppermint Pattie

If you like mint you gotta love a Peppermint Pattie. Otherwise, you probably hate them. 


  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter and chocolate are a supernatural combination. 


  1. Peanut Butter M&Ms

I still remember when my grandma gave me these for the first time. I was wondering where they had been all my life. They are so much better than normal M&Ms. It’s the peanut butter and chocolate combination.

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