Panera Bread: a controversial experience

Justin  Over the past 10 years of my life when people have asked me what my least favorite restaurant is, I have had no hesitation. I always knew the exact restaurant. No, I’m not going to say some obscure local restaurant. My least favorite restaurant, by far, is Panera Bread. There is no doubt in […]

Softball ends season against Tufts

After playing four games at New York University (NYU), Brandeis softball returned home to play their final two games of the season. They faced Tufts University in a two-game series on Wednesday, April 27. In their previous series against NYU, the Judges won two and lost two games, so they looked to end their season […]

Tennis closes out the season

As the season closed, the men’s and women’s tennis teams played a few games before heading to Florida for the University Athletic Association (UAA) championships. After a season full of ups and downs, the two teams looked to close out the season on a high note. The men’s team headed into this stretch with a […]

Softball continues their season

As the season began to close, the Brandeis women’s softball team looked to take advantage of a recent three game win streak as they headed into a big away series against Carnegie Mellon University. The first of the four game series started out relatively quiet. In the first two innings, the teams had a few […]

Maggie Shealy ’23 finally lives her dream

“I am finally here. We are not going to get pulled out because of COVID-19. We are not going to get pulled out because there’s a storm. It’s happening now, ” said fencer Maggie Shealy ’23.    Shealy had worked hard for this moment. She had already made it to the National Collegiate Athletic Association […]

Baseball plays through away stretch

After playing seven straight games at home, the Brandeis men’s baseball team flipped to play four games away against Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) for the first weekend of April. The team played one game on Friday, April 1, two on Saturday, April 2 and one on Sunday, April 3.  In game one, offense was […]

Michael Burch ’22 was always up for the challenge

Being able to adapt and face the new challenges ahead is an important overall skill. However, in sports, sometimes this skill is needed most. Defender Michael Burch ’22 at Brandeis had to make new adaptations throughout his entire career as he took on all the challenges that faced him. After three years of playing on […]

Collin Sawyer’s wild basketball career

Some choices are difficult to make, while others appear to be so obvious. Brandeis men’s basketball player Collin Sawyer (GRAD) made one decision that was almost obvious at the time, but ended up shaping the next six years of his life.    Before attending Brandeis, Sawyer had to make a decision about where he wanted […]

Softball plays six games in five days

After starting the season with a nearly month-long break, the Brandeis softball team is off and running with quite a few games at the end of March. Between March 25 and 30, the Judges played six games.  Four of those games were against Washington University and two were against Lesley University.  Game one against WashU, […]

Erin Magill’s unsurprising rise

“But it just hit me all the sudden in that moment. Wow, I suddenly got good at cross country,” said senior Erin Magill ’22.    Magill spent three years at Brandeis working to become the best, and finally in her senior year she got the opportunity to show it at the NCAA Division III Indoor […]

Baseball continues to be on a tear

After going 2-2 to start the season, the Brandeis baseball team prepared for the first home games of the season. Between March 18 and 23, the team played five games, all at home.    Their first game was against St. Joseph’s college and offense was plentiful. The two teams combined for 25 hits and 19 […]

Tom Brady go away

“You finished right?”, said soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to quarterback Tom Brady. Brady proceeded to respond with a face of uncertainty before the video ended.    On Feb. 1, Brady announced his retirement from football after 22 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). This was huge news because Brady in his 22nd season was […]

Men’s and women’s tennis win games away

The Brandeis men’s and women’s tennis teams traveled to play their first set of matches in March. Men’s tennis faced Skidmore College, while women’s tennis played Wheaton College. Both teams had just come off a loss and were looking to turn their fortunes around.    Men’s tennis started the day off with a doubles win […]

Men’s Basketball Finishes Season Strong

The Brandeis men’s basketball team had ups and downs all season through various winning and losing streaks and game cancellations due to the coronavirus. However, overall, the team finished the season strong with four consecutive wins and won five out of their last eight games of the season. The team finished the season 6-7 in […]

Breakfast is the worst meal of the day

I have always wondered: If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why does no one eat it? It’s because breakfast actually sucks. Someone recently told me that they had an opposing opinion, as they believed that breakfast is the best meal of the day. It’s safe to say I am no longer […]

Superstars came out to play for Super Bowl 56

“This is one, that it either looks great or you look like a complete idiot if you call it”, said NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth when describing a play during the National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl.    Collinsworth was detailing a fourth and one yard play completed by wide receiver Cooper Kupp of the Los […]

This Super Bowl is for him

This year’s Super Bowl matchup has taught us two things. One, quarterbacks are very important for winning in the National Football League (NFL). Two, making a good NFL team is super complex and sometimes makes no sense.    In Super Bowl 56, the Los Angeles Rams will face the Cincinnati Bengals on Feb. 13. These […]

Tom Brady actually retires

Whether you hated or loved him, everyone can agree that Tom Brady’s retirement is going to change the landscape of the National Football League (NFL) forever. On Feb. 1, Brady announced on his Instagram that he was retiring from football. He commented on how he    believed the sport required “100% competitive commitment” and that […]

Men’s basketball ends January with a win

To end off the month of January, the Brandeis men’s basketball team faced off against Emory University and the University of Rochester. Both games were decided by less than 10 points as the Judges ended up getting a win and a loss to end the month.  The game against Emory on Jan. 28,  was full […]

Craziest NFL divisional playoff round ever?

It’s the fourth quarter and the game is tied with less than five seconds remaining. The kicker heads out onto the field to attempt a kick that could send his team to the National Football League (NFL) conference championship. He takes the snap, and the kick goes up and goes straight through the uprights with […]