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BookTalk: book to school reading

We’re three weeks into classes, and I’m ready to curl up in bed with a good book! Forget about the piles of homework abandoned on my desk or the upcoming exam I’m pretending doesn’t exist; let’s ignore all our work and read a book instead. I’ve got some great young adult (YA) romance books set in high school, so you can at least claim to be doing school-related reading. 


For example, the “Love Notes” series! Written by Danielle Keil, the eight books each revolve around a different female character as they partake in the monthly Secret Admirers tradition. The girls must decode their clues and figure out who their secret admirer is before time runs out—and love is on the line. Starting with “Dear McKinnon,” it’s going to be a school year full of mystery, excitement and teal envelopes.

All books are available in Kindle Unlimited. 


Jessie’s also got a mysterious friend writing her letters, but “Somebody-Nobody” is just giving her advice on how to acclimate to her new school. “Tell Me Three Things” is a story about life after death, forming relationships and most importantly, which of Jessie’s three in-person suspects has she been talking to online??? Julie Buxbaum’s debut YA novel is a must-read.

Available on Amazon, in Barnes and Noble, and at all major resellers. 


Fake relationship … or real love? Alex Light’s “The Upside Of Falling” follows Becca as she claims to have a boyfriend—and Brett after he steps in and pretends it’s him. These two opposites think they don’t have anything in common, but a fake relationship might be the catalyst for Becca and Brett to realize just how similar they are. It’s a fun, flirty, heartwarming romance, perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Marissa Kanter.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Are you looking to escape Boston for a day, or even get out of the US? Stephanie Perkins’ “Anna and the French Kiss” is a sweet boarding school romance set in the city of love, Paris, France. Anna’s not thrilled about spending her senior year in a foreign country with no job, no best friend and no soon-to-be-boyfriend. That’s only until she meets Étienne, who’s basically the perfect guy. His only flaw? He has a girlfriend.

Available on Amazon, in Barnes and Noble, and at all major resellers. 


Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more “realistic” … such as Garrett, the star hockey player (and captain!) falling for super smart tutor Hannah in a spicy college romance. “The Deal,” the first book in Elle Kennedy’s “Off-Campus” series, is an all-time favorite of time, and one that I will always recommend. So if you’ve checked the age ratings and judged the book by the new illustrated cover, give it a read!

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


I would be a horrible author if I didn’t mention my own book, “The Gossip Games”! Gracie’s waging war with her best friend’s brother, who the entire school thinks she’s dating. It’s a fun, lighthearted boarding school romance, and while I might be a little biased, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


With secret admirers, fake relationships and a whole lot of romance, there’s something for every reader! Have any of these caught your eye?

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