An idiot’s guide to ‘Doctor Who’

During my time at the Hoot I have written quite a lot about “The Great British Bake Off,” its various spin-offs, and Shakespeare. Well, I have a new piece of British popular culture to add to my catalogue: “Doctor Who.” During quarantine, I watched every single piece of televised “Doctor Who” media ever made (including […]

Being of two worlds

I have found the annual exercise of leaving for summer holiday to be acutely challenging. My experience with the most-recent Great Departure, if I may call it as such, only reinforced this feeling in my mind. I found the acts of clapping at the commencement of final lectures, returning rented books and the ever-hellish experience […]

Women’s volleyball stumbles at Babson but comes back strong at Clark

On Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 6 p.m., the Brandeis Judges’ women’s volleyball team played Babson College in the Red Auerbach Arena at Brandeis. The Judges lost to the Babson Beavers 3-0, with scores of 25-22, 25-23, 25-15. The Judges stayed in the first two sets late, with the opener tying at 19 then at 22 […]

Ten reasons why Tom from ‘Succession’ and I would be best friends

Hey Hoot readers! I’m Zach and this is my first article for The Hoot. To begin my time writing for the art’s section, I thought I’d write about my favorite show, “Succession.” If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it, as it’s a truly riveting dramedy about money and power in America. It centers […]

Brandeis men’s soccer loses to Wesleyan and Wheaton

On Sept. 17, the Brandeis Judges Men’s Soccer team faced off against the Wesleyan Cardinals men’s soccer team, losing 3-1. The game was played at Brandeis, on Gordon Field. The Judges were ahead going into the second half, as a goal from Nico Beninda ’26 in the 33rd minute was the only goal in the […]

Can you guess a Brandeis student’s major based on their computer stickers?

With a sea of open computers in a lecture hall, how are you going to compete and stand out against the other students? The answer lies in how you decorate your computer. Students often plaster their computers in any number of stickers but sometimes with nothing at all. Is there any connection between how students […]

Behind Brandeis’ significant drop in 2024 U.S. News Rankings

On Sunday, Sep. 17, 2023, the U.S. News and World Report released the new 2024 Best Colleges ranking. It was a significant shock to the Brandeis community, as Brandeis University dropped 16 spots, from #44 on the list down to #60 on the list of Best National University Rankings.  Brandeis reached its historical highest ranking […]

BookTalk: book to school reading

We’re three weeks into classes, and I’m ready to curl up in bed with a good book! Forget about the piles of homework abandoned on my desk or the upcoming exam I’m pretending doesn’t exist; let’s ignore all our work and read a book instead. I’ve got some great young adult (YA) romance books set […]

GSC holds events as semester begins

Brandeis’ Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) works to create a “diverse and inclusive institution for women and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and asexual (LGBTQ) faculty, staff, and students.” They trace LGBTQ life at Brandeis back to the university’s founding, adding that “Over the decades, stories of struggle, solidarity and hope have been published by […]

Reader’s Report: ‘Normal People’

Hi there! My name is Ani and this is Reader’s Report, where I review a book that I’ve read recently and explain exactly how I feel about it to you lovely people. I was inspired to continue these book reviews from the previous articles featured on the Hoot called “BookTok: Worth it or Not?” and […]

Women’s soccer remains undefeated

Since the last publication, the Women’s Soccer team has played four games. They came away from these four matches with two wins and two ties. Their current season record stands at 4-0-3 not having faced any conference opponents yet.  The Judges started off this four-game stint at Roger Williams University (RWU) in Bristol, Rhode Island […]

I am glad I watched ‘Theater Camp,’ but it is not for everyone

In the summer camp genre, it can be hard to differentiate yourself. It is a surprisingly crowded setting that has been stretched in seemingly every direction. Slapstick, slasher, feel-good, musical, raunchy and non-raunchy romance, the list goes on. “Theater Camp” manages to stand out.   “Theater Camp” is a mockumentary-style depiction of a small performing […]

The Mermaid and the Sky Pearl

Aria stared at the oyster, eyes thin and focused, tail waving slowly behind her. In one hand, she held a stone, washed smooth by the sea. With her other, she moved aside the kelp of the forest, letting her clearly see her goal. There was little light this deep in the ocean, but what was […]

‘Bottoms’ is the wild high school satire that this generation needs

High school can be a messy experience for everyone. However, what is stopping people from changing that? Could they make those changes through beating the shit out of their classmates, friends and crushes? In real life, that is probably not the best choice to make. However, in “Bottoms”, that could be the ticket to success. […]

Brandeis falls 16 spots in U.S. News’ college rankings

On Monday, Sept. 18, U.S. News and World Report released a new set of college rankings after completing an overhaul of their ranking system. Many universities saw their rankings change, including Brandeis, whose ranking fell 16 spots to from number 44 to number 60 in the “National Universities” category. U.S. News uses their own formulas […]

Brandeis SEA attends NYC climate protest

As the U.N. gets set to meet, tens of thousands of protestors gathered in New York City (NYC) on Sunday, Sept. 17 to make their voices heard on the climate crisis. This protest was part of Climate Week, “a week-long international effort by Climate Group, a non-profit whose purpose is to drive climate change action […]