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Can you guess a Brandeis student’s major based on their computer stickers?

With a sea of open computers in a lecture hall, how are you going to compete and stand out against the other students? The answer lies in how you decorate your computer. Students often plaster their computers in any number of stickers but sometimes with nothing at all. Is there any connection between how students decorate their computers and what they are majoring in at Brandeis? Below, I invite you to look at student-submitted computers and guess what each computer owner is majoring in. Keep in mind, many students at Brandeis double major. (Answer key provided at the bottom of this piece.) 

Computer 1: 

Computer 2: 

Computer 3: 

Computer 4: 

Computer 5:

Computer 6: 

Computer 7: 

Computer 8:

Computer 9:

Computer 10:

Computer 11:

Computer 12:

Computer 13:

Computer 14:

Computer 15:


Answer key:

1)    Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy

2)    Computer Science and Film, Television & Interactive Media

3)    English and Economics

4)    Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy

5)    English and Philosophy

6)    International and Global Studies and Film, Television & Interactive Media

7)    History

8)    Environmental Studies

9)    Studio Art 

10) English and Theater Arts

11) Computer Science

12) Neuroscience

13) Studio Art

14) Physics 

15) Business 


Thank you to Tanner Eustace ’24, David Shapiro ’24, Calli Morvay ’26, Irina Znamirowski ’24, Trisha Roy ’26, Laurel Kane ’26, Ben Breslow ’25, Jennifer Podhorzer ’24, Abby Roberts ’24, Michael Pyrdol ’24, Vincent Calia-Bogan ’25, Lauren Podhorzer ’24, Greg Roitbourd ’26 and Lyn Stanley ’26 for their photo contributions to this piece.

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