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A chip on your shoulder months

As the singer Katy Perry once sang, “You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no.” It is a safe assumption that she was singing about the shoulder months. The shoulder months are that exciting time of year when we transition from the hot seasons of the summer to the colder seasons of the fall and winter. Mother Nature can be a little moody, so this is not a smooth transition from hot to cold. It is a very back and forth time of year, which can be fun for all of us who have to live with the weather. The shoulder months come by every year, from around early to mid fall. For a few days, it can be freezing cold and it would be impossible to leave the house without pants and a jacket. Then the next few days are boiling hot and if you wear pants your legs will feel like they are on a fire. Then after that, you will experience the most perfect couple of days of weather ever. After that, the cycle repeats itself over and over again. The length of the shoulder months varies by years. Some years it can just be the shoulder weeks. However, they always happen. The weather becomes so unpredictable and it also has no idea what it is doing. These shoulder months can be a difficult time. Sure, there are not the deep extremes of heavy snowstorms or blistering heat-stroke-worthy heat, so it could be worse. However, it is not fun to go through these constant states of change with the weather. Everyone likes consistency, so why can’t the weather just behave and stay the same for longer? The shoulder months means that the weather has to be checked every single day, so don’t you forget it! Also, don’t restrict yourself too much with the clothing that you wear. Instead of wearing a bulky long-sleeve shirt, bring a jacket that you could make a decision about later. You also shouldn’t be afraid to change clothing in the middle of the day if necessary. The weather is going to weather, no need to put yourself in pain. We all have to survive these trying times of the shoulder months, so we have to figure out all of the best ways to be comfortable. Of course, this preparation can be difficult because of the unpredictability, but try your very best. The back and forth temperatures are chaotic yet inescapable. Bear through them with these tips and you will do well. Before you know it, we will get to some consistency with the constant bitter force of the cold that is a New England winter.

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