Brandeis is overcrowded

As excited as we are to return to in-person learning, we are concerned about the pressure that the volume of students is having on campus operations. After a year of short lines and empty spaces, the campus is suddenly stuffed to the brim with people milling around.    This year brought in a record number […]

Why doesn’t Workday work?

On April 20, the Brandeis administration switched from Sage to Workday in regards to academic records and personal information—smack in the middle of a coronavirus semester. Our editors, along with other students, have experienced stress as a result of the transfer, with issues ranging from incorrect information to an non-intuitive user interface. A large frustration […]

Hopes for the new school year

This is the third semester that we are starting with an editorial focused on COVID-19.  It is now weird to think about a time where we are not wearing masks or worried about sharing food with a stranger. And we are tired of it all. Unfortunately, this is not an editorial celebrating the ending of […]

Looking back and forwards on Liebowitz’s presidency

After succeeding interim president Lisa M. Lynch as the ninth president of the university in 2016, the Board of Trustees has approved President Ron Liebowitz for another five year contract. The period of negotiation was tumultuous, with the Board of Trustees originally offering Liebowitz a single year extension, which he rejected, according to a previous […]

Treat our planet with more respect

April 22 is Earth Day, an underrated holiday. (Next to Arbor Day on Friday April 30. Go trees!). Maybe this says something about how we prioritize nature in our society. We arbitrarily picked a day to celebrate the Earth, but the next day we all go about our daily routines without giving a second thought […]

Breaking the Brandeis bubble

Near the beginning of the academic year, both the students and the administration put great effort into requiring people on campus to stay on campus, while discouraging those outside of the Brandeis community from coming onto campus. The administration has been quite consistent about this, even putting forth guidelines encouraging individuals to stay within Massachusetts […]

University’s response to racial violence is not good enough

The U.S. has undoubtedly been made more aware of racial issues within the past year. From the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests over the summer to the more recent spa shooting in Atlanta, where several individuals of Asian descent were killed, it’s clear that we are in the middle of a racial crisis. On the […]

The Zoom experience

It’s crazy to think that a little over a year ago, we all had no idea what Zoom was or how big of a role it would eventually play in our lives. Now, we are all intimately familiar with Zoom and understand how it works, including breakout rooms, polling and even Zoom etiquette. However, despite […]

One year and one pandemic later

We have officially marked the one year anniversary of the university’s announcement that Brandeis was transitioning to remote learning and closing the campus, which was revealed on March 11, 2020. Within a few short weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way of life for virtually every individual in the world.  When we published our first-ever […]

Students shouldn’t have to worry about dining amidst pandemic

Just as Brandeis was in the midst of choosing a new dining provider for the upcoming academic year, the pandemic struck and, like everything else, dining got put on the backburner. We have come to expect a reasonable amount of dysfunction in our daily lives as a result of COVID-19, but we are more than […]

University enforcement polemic

The rules that Brandeis has put in place in response to COVID-19 are very effective, in theory. These rules are superficially very stringent and there are frequent modifications to these rules to stay up-to-date on new information. Some of these rules include wearing a mask while on campus, limiting the capacity of public spaces and […]

Do your due diligence

This semester, the numbers of unique COVID-19 cases per day at both Brandeis and in the United States are higher than they were last semester. Counterintuitively, we are also experiencing a high level of COVID-19 fatigue, leading many individuals to not care as much about spreading the virus. Picture this: a friend that you haven’t […]

Looking forward

Thankfully, the long trudge through 2020 is almost over, and the promise of a new year, however symbolic, cannot help but inspire hope and fear for the coming winter of our discontent. Brandeis has faced some drastic changes—transitioning to a mostly online learning environment, implementing new software and attempting to hold a campus community together […]

Stay connected this break

Over the last few weeks, the number of cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States has spiked significantly. As students leave campus for the semester, we, the editorial board of The Brandeis Hoot, urge students to continue to monitor their health, both physically and mentally.  As scientists continue to learn more about the […]

Now the real work begins

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks (and honestly who could blame you), there was a presidential election. Leading up to the election, it was nearly impossible to drive down the street, browse through social media or even walk on campus without constant reminders to vote. We even wrote […]

Safe and scary this Halloween

Under any other circumstances, Halloween 2020 would be legendary. Not only is this an election year (which naturally increases the intensity of all things horrific), but Oct. 31 falls on a Saturday this year. Can you imagine the parties? Plus, there is a full moon on Halloween night, which would only add to the frightening […]

The difficulties of a virtual reality

Since March, nearly every student across the country has been forced to contend with “Zoom University.” Although the concept of online schooling is far from new, 2020 marks the first time in history that the computer screen has completely eclipsed the classroom as the primary medium for higher education. Given the instability of epidemic control […]

Honor our community

Our campus has a history; our grounds have a past. Even though its history is rich and beautiful and moving, how many of us can say that we know it? It is far too easy for us to deny or ignore things which are no longer relevant to us, even though it means everything to […]

Stressed? Get help

From the pandemic to the election, people everywhere have a good reason to be stressed out in 2020. At Brandeis, students can feel stressed even at the best of times and taking midterms in the middle of a pandemic can feel comically terrible. With everything going on in the world, some people choose to prioritize […]

Do your part to stop climate change

Climate change presents a critical threat not only to our generation’s future, but our lives in the present day. We all have a responsibility to stop it, but unfortunately not everyone may agree. You’ve heard the rhetoric before. You catch a friend of yours throwing away a perfectly recyclable chunk of plastic. Upon politely reprimanding […]