What is happening to the SCC?

In a disastrous email entitled “SCC review and space allocation,” Brandeis’ Department of Student Engagement (DSE) has kicked numerous clubs out of their spaces in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC). Unfortunately, as a non-secured club, The Brandeis Hoot was unlucky enough to receive this email. If you’re a club leader, a club member or even […]

Empowering women outside of Women’s History Month

The U.S. recognizes March as Women’s History Month as a way to commemorate the women who have contributed to contemporary society. It is a month to celebrate women’s impact on history and all of their great achievements that may otherwise go unrecognized. This is a month where feminism is alive and well. But as we […]

The blue wave at Brandeis

The landscape of college admissions is rapidly changing and its impacts are far further reaching than most may think at first glance. Before we engage with the topic of how altered admissions processes impact the lives of students on campus, it is crucial to first investigate the evolving nature of the college admissions process. So […]

In the words of Bon Jovi, ‘we’re halfway there’

Well, folks, we’ve made it halfway through the spring 2023 semester. And while right now you may not be rejoicing over this milestone because you’re drowning in midterms, know that we here at The Brandeis Hoot are proud of you. And we know it can be hard to look at the bright side of things […]

Remember we’re here too

This past week, community members returned from break and campus resumed operating at full capacity. But some students were unable to leave campus for the week-long February break, and many were left feeling like the university forgot they were there. Between having minimal dining hours and options and lack of maintenance in corridor-style housing, students […]

Over break, recharge and reconnect

Even though we’re only a month into the spring semester, it feels like we’ve been back on campus for a year already. As we hear whispers of that dreaded affliction—burnout—in the halls of Olin-Sang or among the booths in Upper, it seems as though the February break is coming at the perfect time. So much […]

Hoot Recommends: Tapestry edition

One of the most interesting things about the campus is getting to see other people’s room decorations. You get glimpses into people’s personalities through the way they style their living spaces. A popular decoration for many college students are tapestries, which have a range in style from artistic mountainscapes to Nicki Minaj saluting the American […]

Stay safe out there, Brandeis pedestrians!

With the, let’s say unique, layout of our campus, and the fact that it’s still dark at 5:30 p.m., it’s important for both drivers and pedestrians at Brandeis to remain aware of measures they can take to ensure safety. Loop Road creates many blind spots for cars climbing the hill, such as at the crosswalk […]

Upper: a clash of normalcy and confusion

To many Brandeisians, Upper Usdan appears to have a new and updated look which comes with a new function—countertop ordering. But to many, if not all, seniors this is a return to the Upper we once knew as young and spry first-years. The removal of the kindergarten-style cubbies which prevented students from ordering from the […]

Thank you, Brandeis

In the wake of an unbelievable tragedy, we as an editorial board have never been prouder to be members of the Brandeis community. From the check-ins on the night of Nov. 19 that we all received from friends and classmates to the extremely accommodating response from the university’s administration, this community has been full of […]

Just in time: Break is here

The final push to get to Thanksgiving break is under way with the last full week of classes prior to the holiday wrapping up. But, among ourselves and in conversations with others, we have found a common theme running through the campus—burnout.  The fall semester at Brandeis offers a lot to students when it comes […]

Thank you to the Health Center

It can be really easy to take things for granted when you don’t know life without them. There are a lot of services and resources at Brandeis that can go undervalued and underappreciated because we’ve never had to live without it. One of those services is our Health Center. We would like to take this […]

Staying safe during spooky season

It’s Halloweekend and you know what that means—it’s prime time for college students to party all weekend! You’ve finished your midterms—or maybe not, because Brandeis’ midterms season notoriously never ends until finals—and now you can enjoy the fun side of college. While Brandeis might not be the biggest party school like some state schools, we […]

Hoot Recommends: What’s your worst Halloween costume?

With spooky season in full swing, the members of The Hoot’s Editorial Board are giving our thoughts on the worst Halloween costumes we’ve ever donned. Do you agree with our choices? Disagree? Read on to find out!   Cooper: The year I was a surfer dude One time, when I was in middle school, I […]

Time after time: goodbye to standard time

Nov. 6 will mark the end of daylight savings time across the continental United States with the one exception of Arizona—the only state to not follow daylight savings time. However, the Sunshine Protection Act, introduced in March of 2021 by Florida Senator Marco Rubio could change all of that. The bill would ensure that the […]

Brandeis Days are not the right way to fix our schedules

Brandeis’ academic calendar has a unique designation for “Brandeis Days” a few times each semester. On these days, Brandeis follows a different weekday class schedule. This past week, we had the Oct. 13 Brandeis Monday and followed a Monday schedule on Thursday.    Brandeis Days are—at best—inconvenient. You have to alter your sleep schedule, rearrange […]

The time for making excuses is over

We were willing to give Harvest Table the benefit of the doubt at first. It is only natural that when you are adjusting to a new work environment you hit a couple of bumps along the way. There was undoubtedly a slow start to the semester, but it was all errors that could be easily […]

Building into the next generation

You may have seen it—or potentially heard it during your lectures—but the university is making some changes to campus. Some of the updates are long overdue and we are excited to see the final projects and how they will propel the university in the future. The university has never been known for its cohesive architectural […]

Year of Climate (lack of) Action

The Year of Climate Action is Brandeis’ attempt at “bold, coordinated action and leadership” to combat climate change. Kicking off with Peter Frumhoff’s visit to campus late in the spring 2022 semester, the Year of Climate Action is now in full swing. The Year of Climate Action is a year-long affair, and this semester includes […]

Brandeis is a second-half team

This semester is off to a slow start. Students and faculty alike are adjusting to the new and oddly-timed class blocks, students are exploring the new dining options from the new vendor and Harvest Table is struggling to provide the services Brandeis students are used to post-Sodexo. Harvest Table has added new dining options in […]