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Why Brandeis?

That’s a question that every Brandeis student has answered at least once. Whether you were asked by an admissions counselor in an interview, by a Common App question or just by a curious fellow student who wanted to make friends with you, every Brandeis student has their answer to this question down-pat at this point.

But, as Brandeis reaches its 75th anniversary, we here at The Hoot felt it appropriate to talk about what Brandeis means to us.

Brandeis is…

Full of possibilities. There are hundreds of clubs, dozens of events each day and endless things with which a Brandeis student can fill their day. For us here at The Hoot, we’ve found our passion in a newspaper. We spend hours each week writing, editing and putting together a physical layout for the paper. Other clubs have similarly dedicated students, and students in all clubs find joy in connecting with others who share the same passions as them on a weekly basis. For Brandeis students reading this, if you haven’t yet found a club that interests you, look again! This place truly does have something for everyone, from affinity groups to e-sports competitions, and we here at The Hoot truly feel that every student can find their place in some club. And, if you’re so inclined, The Hoot is aways accepting new writers, copy editors, photographers and more.

Brandeis is… 

Where you can learn something new. With dozens of majors and minors and hundreds of classes to explore, there are so many opportunities to get a thrilling education. You can come into Brandeis knowing exactly what you want to do and Brandeis will be here to help fuel that passion. Or you can come into Brandeis not knowing what you want to do, and Brandeis will help you out to find your perfect educational interest. There is a wide variety of majors that are offered, so there will be something for everyone. You can read an exciting book in a humanities class, do an experiment in a science class, make a piece of art in an art class and more. You are not restricted in what you can take. In fact, you’re encouraged to try curriculums. There is a lot of time for learning at Brandeis, and there are many different educational avenues to explore.

Brandeis is…

A place to have fun. Brandeis has a history of exciting events that have entertained students for decades. From the moment orientation starts and you get to play wacky games with your peers, the fun will begin. There are events where people can listen to live music, watch a great movie, play some lawn games or participate in a rousing game of bingo. There is always something for people to do. There are also events where students can show off their culture through food, performance, crafts and more. There is never a dull moment on campus at Brandeis. When students need a break from their work, there could be a wonderful event that will be the perfect break.

Brandeis is…

Home. To thousands of students every year, Brandeis is home. It’s the place where students can hang out with their closest friends, get cozy in the comfort of their dorm and make discoveries about themselves. All of the students who attend Brandeis are shaped by it in one way or another. Brandeis may provide them comfort when students need it in order for them to thrive. For students current and past, Brandeis is home. On this 75th anniversary weekend we honor everyone who has called Brandeis home, everyone who currently calls it home and the students that might soon call it home.

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