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Hoot’s approval poll shows that 10% of students approve of Brandeis admin

Two weeks ago, in our last publication, The Hoot put out a poll to see how members of the Brandeis community are feeling about Brandeis’ administration. This poll included two questions: Overall, do you approve of Brandeis’ administration? And how has your opinion of Brandeis’ administration changed given recent events?


With nearly 200 respondents (representing about 5% of Brandeis’ undergraduate population) responding, the results are in. We acknowledge that more negatively opinionated members of the community may have been more likely to respond to this poll, but The Hoot still feels that the results are extremely relevant to ongoing discussions on campus, and therefore merit sharing.


This poll showed that only 10.7% of respondents approve of Brandeis’ administration, while 17.1% are unsure of how they feel and 72.7% do not approve of Brandeis’ administration.


It also showed that 69% of respondents feel much more negatively about Brandeis’ administration given recent events, while 15% feel slightly more negatively, 3.2% feel about the same as they did before, another 3.2% feel slightly more positively and 9.6% feel much more positively.


These results are of note, as they indicate that only about one in 10 Brandeis students feel positively about the administration. These results are likely due to Brandeis’ response to the protest that occurred on Nov. 10, and their failure to apologize for the police brutality that occured on campus thus far. 


We at The Hoot are proud to represent Brandeis students as your community newspaper. We would like to let this data speak for itself, and hope that it can serve as an important piece of information for future discussion on campus.

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