To acquire wisdom, one must observe

It’s the end of the semester as we know it

Where did the time go? It seems like it was just yesterday we were stepping on to campus once again (or for the very first time), excited about what the new school year has to offer. Now, we have gone through many months of the school year and are approaching the end. Just a few more classes, then some finals and then we’re free for a month. We certainly deserve that freedom—a lot of energy has been put into campus life in more ways than one. Stress has reared its ugly head both in and out of class, to say the least. Many situations have taken a toll on our minds and emotions, which has not made it the easiest semester. However, we have been powering through, and look how far we have come. We have supported each other through these struggles, and that deserves some applause. Going through these months has taken some hard work, determination and strength, none of which are traits that can be given up now.


Finals season is not fun for most people. It can be filled with hours of late night studying, the constant typing of an essay that feels like they go on forever, and overall academic chaos. In the wake of the semester’s events on campus, many community members may be particularly affected and burnt out—even more so than the usual concoction of bad feelings that come with shorter days and harder work. That is why you should remember to take care of yourself and use the tools that have previously helped you to make it even farther. Try not to doubt yourself or get so caught up in the negative thoughts and ideas. You have made it through the previous months, through the high and lows as well as the class struggles and the life struggles, because you have fought and worked your way through. And you can still do that! We know it! It may take a little extra energy, depending on circumstances, but that can be manageable. You may have been in somewhat similar situations in previous semesters, and you likely got through those situations. Repeat that success with those skills. Find some people to help you out through the last hurdles. Figure out how to make your work manageable for you so that you don’t suffer that academic burnout. Do things that make you happy in the downtime for some pick-me-ups. If you work hard, it should all pay off. You’re a Brandeis student—that means you’re probably pretty smart (that’s what we keep telling ourselves). Puting in the effort will end up serving you well.

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