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Hoot Recommends: favorite beverages

Welcome back to Hoot Recommends! In this article, members of The Hoot editorial board will be sharing their favorite beverages.


While I am a big supporter of most juices, there is something that those juices are lacking: more fruit. Why should we have to stop at one fruit in our cups? That is the beauty of the smoothie. It is a place where many fruits can combine and have some fun together. People even add juice to smoothies as the liquid, which means that smoothies have more power over other juices. There is a wide variety of smoothies out there, but my personal favorite is mixed berry smoothies. When it comes to fruits, I would probably put most berries in my top spots. Specifically, strawberries and raspberries are superior. If we take those, along with some blueberries and bananas, and put them all in a blender, we get a delicious treat. A cold smoothie is always refreshing on a hot day, and the thickness of the beverage creates a unique drinking experience with more flavor. The mixed berry flavor is the right amount of sweetness and no berry overpowers another. They all combine beautifully. Most smoothie places make a good berry smoothie, and I want to recommend the Razzmatazz smoothie from Jamba Juice. Get yourself a mixed berry smoothie if you want a refreshing and tasty drink that is like a party in your mouth.


I’m a huge water fan. Goated beverage, honestly. All of you “soda enjoyers” and “soft drink enthusiasts” and “sugary beverage goons” are out of your minds. Water is, easily, obviously, the best drink. You don’t drink a can of coke and hear your body go “wow, this is exactly what I needed. Nice, refreshing sugar.’ But, you drink a nice glass of ice cold water, and your body goes “thanks, guy!” Ya know what I mean? Cause I know what I mean.

Hey guys. Cooper here. Back like I never left. Because I didn’t. I have more thoughts on water. I wrote a short haiku for you about water:

Water, water, wa

Water, water, everywhere

Not an ounce to drink


“Logan, you’re addicted to caffeine!” “Logan, you have a genuine problem!” Shut up. Coffee is love. Coffee is life. I make holy pilgrimage to Dunkin’ Donuts every day to drink that sweet, sweet umber-colored liquid that makes me able to feel things. Cream and sugar is the way btw. Like many of my fellow ADHD-havers who were not diagnosed until young adulthood, my craving for stimulants manifested in the form of extremely frequent coffee consumption from an early age, and turns out, once you get past the “acquired taste” hurdle, it’s a really good and versatile drink that can fill lots of niches depending on what you’re feeling at the moment, or what the weather’s like outside. I have my preferences, of course, but whether it’s hot, iced, bitter, sweet, milky, creamy or black, any way can be good if done right.



Milkshakes are the best beverage. Chocolate milkshakes, specifically, are the best beverage. They are a good time drink. Ice cream partially liquidated that you traditionally drink at the counter of a small town diner with a side of fries. No one can be unhappy sitting on those classic diner stools, with a fry in one hand and a milkshake in the other.


I am a big fan of matcha, and yes, I realize how insufferable that makes me. I love matcha in all its forms—horribly bitter, latte, iced, mixed with other stuff, boba, smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream. And I can justify my inordinate matcha consumption by saying it’s full of antioxidants or whatever. In all seriousness, matcha is one of those rare foodstuffs that tastes great and is incredibly healthy, and it is best consumed in beverage form. If you’re still skeptical, just look at the color! It’s such a fun shade of green, and is incredibly versatile. Recently, I tried a matcha-peach latte, and it was amazing! Matcha is a fantastic beverage and I will always be one of its biggest fans.

I would also like to add that Lucas is recommending sparkling water right below my entry. Lucas’ opinions do not represent those of the Hoot Arts Section, and sparkling water is disgusting.


Sparkling water—water’s cooler, older brother. It’s a bit like soda, but without any of the health worries. What’s not to love?

Don’t flavor it, though. That ruins the purity.


Coffee coffee coffee! As I am writing down this line I am actually drinking an iced latte. My body has a natural tendency of not responding to any caffeine intake, so no matter how much coffee I drink, I never have the trouble falling asleep, nor do they keep me awake. This means I will have to drink an extra amount of coffee everyday because I am also a naturally extra sleepy person. My favorite drink at Dunkin’ is a small matcha latte with oatmilk and an extra shot of espresso. Save this recipe, you will thank me later.


Though I am well aware that my answer here should be water, my true love is actually tart cherry juice. I love this juice for its superfood qualities and taste. Tart like the name entails; this beverage has healing powers that are truly miraculous. As it contains an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins while tasting good, it is something I simply cannot resist. The rich nutrients can also help reduce inflammation. After a challenging workout that may leave my body feeling sore, I love treating myself to some tart cherry juice. Additionally, this juice also contains a substantial amount of natural melatonin. Pairing this with its healing qualities, it is the perfect before-bed drink. Simply delectable. Now off to convince myself to drink more water before I turn into a raisin! 


Those weird mango smoothie drinks from the C-Store. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the tastiest treat of them all? It is obviously the mango drink. Can it be a dessert? Yes. Can it trick you into thinking you are consuming fruits rich with nutrition? Absolutely. I can viscerally remember the late night C-Store runs to specifically get this drink during my sophomore year. So run, don’t walk, and get yourself a delectable mango drink thing. 


I love boba. I think it is superior. You can drink it and eat it. What more could you want? And … there is something to look for in your beverage—a little surprise. Hot take, I actually really enjoy hot boba on a brisk Massachusetts winter day. Anyway, thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. Live laugh love boba. 


I enjoy an incredibly wide variety of beverages. I am a subscriber to the three-beverage theory, in which maximum productivity is achieved by having multiple beverages at one’s workspace: one for caffeination/energy, one for hydration and one for fun and good vibes. As such, the rotating beverages I incorporate into my life change on many a whim, and as such I would be hard pressed to pick just one. It quite honestly changes based on my mood. My mood right now, however, is inclined toward the Maine Root Blueberry Soda sold in 4 packs at the C-Store. I have never seen or had it anywhere else, and it brings me more happiness than any other soda in my life. I am normally not strongly a soda person either, which makes my love for this drink all the more joyful, as it was such a pleasant surprise to discover. I will probably use any points I have left over at the end of the semester to buy as many packs of this fruity, fizzy delight as I possibly can.


It would probably be soda, which is surprising because I was a late bloomer when it came to trying any form of carbonated beverage. I just never understood why someone would drink something that left a stinging sensation in their throats. However, around the summer of 2020 I realized that the stinging sensation is kind of the point of soda. Afterwards, I drank far too much soda that I probably should’ve. Regarding the specific brand of soda, it would probably be Pepsi first and Coca-Cola second, though I can’t really explain why. They taste about the same, but Pepsi is a bit softer than Coke, in my opinion. Pepsi also has a cooler logo than Coke, and the color of Pepsi cans, blue, is my favorite. These may be stupid reasons, but they all add up to make me prefer Pepsi. I welcome the new Pepsi overlords of Brandeis!

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