Farber Starbucks worker speaks on management failures

Coffee cup on coffee beans

In December 2023, The Hoot spoke with an anonymous worker at the Starbucks in Farber Library, who spoke on the difficulties that workers there have been experiencing. This worker spoke on the difficulties that workers there have been experiencing including an inability to get breaks at work. The worker had experience working at a Starbucks […]

In spite of rehearsal space loss, student dance groups persevere

Ballet dancers on stage.

Dance is one of the most striking and versatile forms of performance art, enjoyed by people regardless of culture, age, gender and other dimensions of humankind since its beginnings. To perfect a choreographed dance of any kind requires rehearsal, which takes time, skill and extensive cooperation between dancers, choreographers and coordinators. Critically, rehearsal requires a […]

‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’: a faithful adaptation

This might be a little cliché, but growing up the Percy Jackson books were my absolute favorites. I can’t count how many times I reread them while waiting for the sequels to come out. I was so excited as an eight year old when my parents brought us to see the movie adaptations of the […]

Agape love

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 New International Version 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices […]

‘Maestro’ is a flat relationship drama disguised as a biopic

Leonard Bernstein is probably one of the most celebrated conductors and composers of recent history. He has done fantastic and one of a kind work for different orchestras, musicals, movies and more. Bernstein is a musician that deserves to be ranked among the best in American history. That being said, how many people actually know […]

Top 10 songs I wanna make out to

What’s up Hoot readers? I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I feel down baaaaad. For whom? I don’t even know at this point. Though, I know what you’re thinking. “Zach? The Sims homewrecker guy? Single on Valentine’s Day?!? That’s crazy!” You’re right, that is crazy, but I […]

Boomer-esque rant about laptops in class

To preface this irrationally rage filled diatribe that has been boiling inside of me for four years, I would like to note a few things. First, this is not a personal attack, I have no one student or class in mind when making these complaints, I have dozens. Second, I am a social sciences student […]

Brandeis University ignites creativity at the seventh annual DeisHacks event

Organized jointly by the Brandeis MakerLab and the Brandeis International Business School, DeisHacks 2024 marked the seventh annual hackathon for students to make positive social impacts in local communities. Taking place from Jan. 26-28, 2024, this hybrid event blended in-person activities held at the Brandeis Library with remote participation via the hackathon’s Discord channel, which […]

Jenny’s national park review

February break is coming up, and spring will soon come. If you are an outdoor animal, your next destination to travel to during break could be some awesome national parks. If you would like to embark on an adventure that Mother Nature would applaud, continue reading this article, where I will introduce some of the […]

Reader’s Report: ‘King of Scars’

Hi there! My name is Ani and this is Reader’s Report, where I review a book that I’ve read recently and explain exactly how I feel about it to you lovely people. This week’s book is “King of Scars” by Leigh Bardugo. If you were a reader last semester, this author will look really familiar […]

‘Landscape with Invisible Hand’ is a smart and surprisingly serious satire

“Landscape with Invisible Hand” is a terrible movie title. It fits within the context of the movie, reminiscent of the title of a fine art piece, but it is overly pretentious and simply impossible to remember. The actual movie, “Landscape with Invisible Hand,” does not share those issues. An absurd, cynical, political satire told through […]

Hoot Recommends: Mac or PC

Welcome back to Hoot Recommends! In this article, members of The Hoot editorial board will be sharing whether they prefer Mac computers or PCs. Lucas: I prefer PCs for several reasons. Probably my favorite thing about a PC is just how much more you can do with it—if you want to play any performance heavy […]

Provident Response is not welcome on Brandeis’ campus

If you’ve attended any major event on campus throughout this academic year, you’ve probably noticed something: several middle-aged white men that look like police officers dressed in neon yellow vests scattered throughout the event. You’re not alone, we at The Hoot have noticed it too. These officers are from an organization known as Provident Response […]

The Office of Study Abroad celebrates ‘I Love Study Abroad Week’

Brandeis University’s Office of Study Abroad hosted “I Love Study Abroad Week” from Feb 5th to 9th, aiming to showcase the diversity and opportunities of their 200 approved programs in 58 different countries around the world. The week-long celebration was designed to engage students directly, making the prospect of international study both exciting and approachable.  […]

Reviewing and ranking all of Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ novels

(Warning: contains minor spoilers for the “Dune” novels) I will admit, I was very, very late to the “Dune” hype. I had never seen the 2021 movie until this Thanksgiving break, thinking that it was overhyped; way too complicated and incomprehensible for anyone except the most obsessive of sci-fi nerds. However, as soon as I […]