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The Office of Study Abroad celebrates ‘I Love Study Abroad Week’

Brandeis University’s Office of Study Abroad hosted “I Love Study Abroad Week” from Feb 5th to 9th, aiming to showcase the diversity and opportunities of their 200 approved programs in 58 different countries around the world. The week-long celebration was designed to engage students directly, making the prospect of international study both exciting and approachable. 

The week began on Monday, Feb. 5, with the first Kick-Off Coffee Handouts event on the Library Walkway, offering a warm welcome to students and providing a perfect opportunity for interaction with Study Abroad Ambassadors and staff. This approachable setting allowed students to inquire about study abroad options without the need for a formal appointment. The day concluded with a panel event titled “Navigating Identity Abroad” at the Intercultural Center. Moderated by Iana Gilbert’ 24, the panel included six BIPOC Brandeis study abroad returnees who shared their diverse experiences of navigating their identities from studying in cities around the globe such as Paris, France; Quito, Ecuador; Cali, Colombia; Seoul, South Korea; and Madrid, Spain. 

Tuesday, Feb. 6, featured another coffee break, this time in Mandel, strategically timed to catch students in between classes. The day concluded with the event “Learn More about Brandeis in Puerto Rico with Prof. Sally Warner.” This event aimed to help spread the word about the new summer program called “Brandeis in Puerto Rico: Environmental Studies in the Caribbean summer abroad program.” This event with Professor Sally Warner (ENVS) helped spread the word about this unique hands-on opportunity with information about what the program’s academics and day-to-day life will consist of.

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, the week continued with a special “Coffee Break: STEM Edition” in Gerstenzang, focusing on programs suited for STEM students. Following this event, the day was rounded off with the annual “Paint and Scoop” event led by the Fine Arts Department and Study Abroad Office. A Brandeis in Siena alumni led the event, offering insights into the program through a creative and enjoyable paint night complemented by gelato. 

On Thursday, Feb. 8, the last coffee break event was hosted in the Olin-Sang building, allowing for further informal interactions between students and the study abroad staff. The day’s main event was “Study Abroad Extravaganza” in Skyline. This event served as a comprehensive study abroad fair, providing students with a diverse range of opportunities to explore, receive advice and connect with program returnees. Representatives from various program partners were invited to campus, alongside the Student Financial Services to address any financial inquiries. 

The week concluded on Friday, Feb. 9, with the “Learn To Cook Salbutes With Brandeis in Merida” event at Ridgewood Commons. This culinary workshop highlighted the Brandeis-run program focused on public health in the Yucatan peninsula, fostering a sense of community among students interested in studying abroad. 

Throughout the week, each event was carefully designed to reach students directly, whether through casual coffee breaks placed outside of large classrooms, engaging panels or interactive workshops. By bringing the study abroad office to the students, the initiative aimed to demystify the process of international study, making it more accessible and less daunting for those who might not have considered it otherwise. 

“I Love Study Abroad Week” at Brandeis University highlighted the wide range of study abroad opportunities available to students. Anyone interested in exploring study abroad opportunities for the summer 2024, fall 2024 or spring 2025 semesters are reminded of the upcoming deadline on March 1, 2024.

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