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Performing arts preview spring 2024: What’s on this semester?

Another semester and another crazy lineup of shows from all the theater, dance and improv groups on campus! This article will be going through all the shows for this semester, so you can get a sense of what’s happening and what you might want to take time and see.

Department: “Wolf Play”

Kicking things off is the Brandeis Department of Theater Arts, which is putting on a production of “Wolf Play” by Hansul Jung. This play tackles the themes of interracial and international adoption, coming of age and family. There is also a puppet and, of course, a wolf. It’s a darkly funny black box character piece that plays to the department’s strengths.

Show dates: Mar. 8-10

Department: Senior Studio Productions

A time-honored tradition of Brandeis theater is the senior studio productions. These are original 45-minute plays put together as final theses for students majoring in Theater Arts. This year, the productions include work by Lucie Blau ‘24, Felicity Hyams ‘24, Noah Leikind ‘24, Nico Miller ‘24 and Yijia Yu ‘24, and tackle themes from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to World War II. 

Show dates: Apr. 11-14

UTC: “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead”

Brandeis’ largest student-run theater organization, the Undergraduate Theater Collective, is producing “Dog Sees God” by Bert V. Royal as its mainstage show. “Dog Sees God” reimagines the classic “Peanuts” characters as highschoolers, and follows them as they tackle themes of grief, suicide, sexual abuse, drug use and teen identity. The show is a dark and twisted take on the childhood classic with a focus on delivering a contemporary message.

Show dates: Mar. 28-31

UTC: “Girls in the Boat”

The UTC’s alternate space production for this semester, “Girls in the Boat” by Alice Austen follows the true story of the first U.S. Olympic women’s rowing team. Each “girl in the boat” is given a chance to tell her story through a series of monologues, vignettes and group scenes. Directed by Sarah Kaplan ‘24, the play is a fast-paced, inspirational drama that celebrates the greatness found in women’s sports.


Show dates: TBA


UTC: “Love Is …” Cabaret

For all musical theater fans, the UTC is producing a cabaret of different numbers all centering around the theme of love. These numbers are put together by various student directors and come together to form the final show.

Show dates: TBA

UTC: Quickies

Back after a COVID hiatus, Quickies are a Brandeis theater tradition of student-written short plays. All of these short plays are performed together, and are a great showcase of the playwriting talent among the Brandeis student body.

HTP: “The Tempest”

Hold Thy Peace, Brandeis’ Shakespeare and classics theater group, is producing “The Tempest,” by William Shakespeare, directed by myself. “The Tempest” follows the story of Prospero, a sorcerer and the deposed Duke of Milan, as he seeks revenge on his enemies with the help of his spirit servant Ariel. The play is a bittersweet exploration of forgiveness, redemption and the corrupting influence of power.

Show dates: Apr. 4-7

FreePlay: “Speech and Debate”

FreePlay is a student theater group with a focus on social justice-oriented works and new plays. They are producing “Speech and Debate” by Stephen Karam. The play is a dark comedy that follows three misfit teenagers from Salem, Oregon. The students decide to perform their own version of “The Crucible” to expose the predatory teachers at their high school.

Show dates: Apr. 4-7

Much Ado About Nothing: “Jag”

Much Ado About Nothing is Brandeis’ Chinese language theater group. “Jag” is a murder mystery that follows the story of Xie Chenchen, an international student studying biology and comparative literature. Over the course of the play, she uncovers secrets relating to power, poetry and class. This production will be in Chinese.

Show dates: TBA


As always, Brandeis’ sketch comedy and improv groups will be putting together multiple shows for this semester. Boris’ Kitchen usually produces one sketch comedy show per semester. False Advertising is Brandeis’ musical theater improv group, while To Be Announced and Crowd Control deliver more traditional improv comedy. Keep an eye out for all these groups’ upcoming shows on their email list and on social media!

Show dates: Various


The Brandeis dance community has faced its fair share of adversity this semester (for more on this, check out the features section!), but in spite of this, the various dance groups are putting together their semester shows. Brandeis Ballet Company is putting together a series of ballet and contemporary pieces for their showcases, while Adagio Dance Company (which dances all genres with a focus on contemporary, jazz, modern and lyrical) is putting together their classic show. Other dance groups include Hooked on Tap and Kaos and Culture X 2024 includes dance showcases from Brandeis’ various cultural and affinity groups.

Show dates: Various

A Capella:

Like comedy/improv and dance, Brandeis has various a capella groups that perform at different points throughout the semester. However, if you want to hear a bit from every group, keep an eye out for this semester’s Acapalooza, which will feature performances from most-all groups!

Show dates: Various

Liquid Latex:

Another treasured Brandeis tradition is Liquid Latex, a radically body-positive event in which students dance wearing liquid latex. It is a unique and inspiring event you should absolutely attend at one point in your Brandeis career!

Show dates: TBA

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