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A snapshot of professional sports right now

Hello and welcome to my first article on professional sports in an incredibly long time. To get back into writing about the professional sports world, this article will cover some sporting events I am most excited about right now. First off, rounding the bend into an Olympic summer could not be any more exciting. I get more and more excited with every new athlete that qualifies to represent the United States of America in Paris this summer. Next would be Opening Day of the Major League Baseball (MLB) season, also coming up quickly. If you are a baseball fan, or even just fond of the baseball aesthetic, please sign up for the Student9’s to get discounted tickets to Red Sox games this spring. You won’t regret it! Another huge one is the March Madness basketball tournament; I know I am looking forward to this. Even if you may not consider yourself a big fan of basketball, I would still recommend making a bracket for fun. It is a nice way to learn about the sport and support some incredible athletes. Across the pond, many national European soccer teams are currently playing games in the UEFA European Championship Qualifying tournament series in hopes of punching their ticket to the UEFA European Championship this summer. Additionally, the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball League (NBA) are coming into the homestretch of their 2023-24 seasons which will certainly be entertaining to watch. No matter your interests, I hope this article helps to perhaps inspire some readers to embark on a journey of establishing themselves as a sports fan. It is always such a fun time to watch a sporting event with people you care about. Being passionate and excited about something new can also serve as an outlet for stress relief as we come up on the end of the school year.

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