I don’t know where to begin, but I guess this is how it ends?

This will probably be short, as I have no idea how to write a senior op (is there a right or wrong way?), but it may end up being long, as I’m sure more thoughts will come to me in the course of trying to cobble this together. However, as they say, brevity is the […]

Taking Flight

When I was in first grade, before I could spell, I drew a whole menagerie of birds and labeled them “brids.” About 15 or so years later, while I can spell B-I-R-D-S, I haven’t been able to stop drawing them. I sit in my studio as I write this and I am surrounded by flocks […]

Finding my place at Brandeis

As I now sit here with only one day of classes left, I can’t help but marvel at how my college journey unfolded in ways I never expected. It’s been a wild ride, one that began with COVID-19 and meandered through moments of isolation, discovery and profound growth. It’s a story I feel compelled to […]

After four years of college (and cartoons)

When I was in second grade, I discovered my love for newspaper cartoons. I was constantly reading “Calvin and Hobbes,” “Foxtrot,” “For Better or Worse” and any other cartoons I could find. Coincidentally, that same year, I also first went to Brandeis. No, I wasn’t a prodigy ready to pursue higher education at the ripe […]

I’m not complaining for once! (well, maybe a little bit)

I didn’t realize 1,321 days ago, when I first emailed an editor at The Hoot, that nearly four years later I would have to be writing them a final article. As I begin to write, I feel the anxiety rising in me. I don’t like reflecting on my past or addressing that something is coming […]

Summing up four years: a piece of advice and a reminder for myself

Seated on a plane, I consider how I can quickly sum up four years at university before the plane takes off, in a concise and beautiful way. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and have honestly been a bit stressed about how I would approach it. But, I think at the end of […]

The moment we sing farewell

I am writing this line down as I am sitting in the new Hoot room in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) with a bunch of very loud people chit-chatting around me. I just finished training my new deputy editor—the second and last time I have done this. In less than 24 hours, I will be […]

My last article: time to talk trash and recap

I was supposed to finish this article in 2022 along with everybody else in the Hoot E-board at the time, but I’m glad I didn’t until now. My undergrad years were like a dull, unfinished story. Thankfully, my two years as a grad student gave the narrative some much needed tension and a satisfying ending. […]

On Brandeis’ financial woes

As members of the Brandeis community, you all just received an email letting you know that we’ll be experiencing a rise in tuition. As members of the Brandeis community, you also may have heard about freezes being placed on staff raises. Looking at the tuition increase first, members of the Brandeis community were just notified […]

Baseball: Nine-game losing streak broken with win against Dean

Since the last publication of The Hoot, the Brandeis Judges baseball team has played 10 games against Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Endicott, New York University (NYU) and Dean College. Brandeis lost all of these games with the notable exception of a 11-3 victory against Dean, on the day before press time. From April 5-7, […]

A recap of the 2023-2024 Broadway season: musicals

On April 30, Tony nominations for the 77th Tony Awards will come out. That is when the public will find out the best of the 2023-2024 theatre season. This season was a particularly crowded one, which means that this year’s Tony Awards will likely be fairly competitive. In particular, this spring has seen a lot […]

A recap of the 2023-2024 Broadway season: plays

The 76th Tony Awards are coming up, with nominations coming out on April 30. That will be when everyone finds out the absolute best of the best when it comes to theater. The announcement is one that all theatre fans are looking forward to. Often, when it comes to the theatre scene and nominations, people […]

Women’s tennis finds their stride

Since the last publication of The Hoot, the Brandeis tennis teams have each competed in four matches. The women went 3-4 while the men were unable to win any of their matches against the opposing teams.  Starting off on the women’s side, they first faced a fellow University Athletic Association (UAA) conference team, the New […]

Brandeis has a culture problem

Club marathon season is over, and the results are in. Out of around 70 chartered clubs, none got the amount of funding requested from the Student Union. For most clubs, the difference in requested versus received amounts was negligible, equivalent to a 5-10% deduction from the requested amount. But one anomaly to this standard trend […]

Update-lander: my travails with the ‘Outlander’ series

In my very first article of this school year, I reviewed all the books I read over the summer. Three of these books were the first three novels in the “Outlander” series, written by Diana Gabaldon. Said series is currently nine books long, with a 10th on the way. Now, over the summer, I found […]

53rd Rosenstiel Award winner Wolfgang Baumeister delivers lecture on cryo-electron tomography

Wolfgang Baumeister was named the winner of the 53rd Lewis S. Rosenstiel Award for Distinguished Work in Basic Medical Research in 2023 for his pioneering work on the development of a microscopy technique called Cryo-electron tomography. Baumeister is an emeritus Director and Scientific Member of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried, Germany where […]

Why ‘Slings & Arrows’ is my favorite TV show of all time

When people ask me what my favorite TV show is, I say “Slings & Arrows.” It’s not a recent, long-running or particularly well-known show. Its first season aired in 2004, and it only had three six-episode seasons. It’s a Canadian network show that ended up reaching a wider audience long after its initial air date. […]

New art exhibition showcases the USVI

A new art exhibition is on display in the Mandel Center for the Humanities, titled “V.I. Strong Too Caribbean to be American, Too American to be Caribbean.” This powerful display showcases “a series of photographs and interviews, with the purpose of highlighting the beauty, history, culture, and people of the U.S. Virgin Islands [(USVI)].” On […]

‘The Tempest’ storms into the SCC

For four nights starting April 4, an abridged version of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” showed in the Shapiro Campus Center theater. This stage play engaged its audiences with a mix of acting, storytelling and dance. “The Tempest” was one of Shakespeare’s last plays, as director Naomi Stephenson ’26 notes in the program. This play traditionally featured […]