A Brandeis Thanksgiving: Xiaowei Luo

Thanksgiving is a holiday about being appreciative for what we have received during our lifetime. For Xiaowei Luo ’18 from Hefei, China, this Thanksgiving was particularly unique. Unlike past years, she chose to stay on campus for the entirety of the Thanksgiving holiday. However, her holiday experience this year was just as memorable as the […]

A Brandeis Thanksgiving: Yuki Zheng

As Brandeisians, many of us live close enough to campus to allow us to go home during the Thanksgiving holidays. However, some students, especially international students, are unable to do so because of the long distance from campus to their home. Fortunately, students like Yuki Zheng ’19 can still have the Thanksgiving-break spirit in them […]

Student Union provides transportation to polls

For Americans, including college students, the 2016 presidential election has been incredibly polarizing. However, this perceived tension does have a silver lining—this past election was not just a competition between two opposing sides but for most Brandeis students, an opportunity to exercise their right to vote for the first time. Given the polarizing nature of […]

Sustainability Initiatives: Composting on Campus

Brandeis’ composting efforts have grown, according to Manager for Sustainability Programs Mary Fischer. Composting involves using food scraps and other biodegradable waste to fertilize soil. In other words, it is reusing the waste and debris that otherwise would go to a dump to improve the ground and potentially serve as energy sources. Composting works well […]

Sustainability Initiatives: Commute Green

As our campus continues to expand, and as more people continue to utilize our facilities, it is important for us to be mindful of the environmental footprint that we are leaving. To compensate for these trends, Brandeis has begun several environmental initiatives to help improve sustainability on campus. One program is Commute Green, a carpooling […]

Get course credit to discover the meaning of music

A department teeming with opportunities, the music department at Brandeis has a particularly special course offering next semester: Risk and Experimentation in Music, MUS 33B. Taught by Victoria Cheah, a Ph.D. candidate in the music department studying music theory and composition, the course will “look at works that question genre, comment on things besides music, […]

Diversity of ideas poll results: student responses

This article is part of a Features investigation into the diversity of political ideas at Brandeis. Brandeis is famous for having a robust, politically aware student body. Conversations regarding the Middle East, the American election and other sensitive political topics are common place on campus, in and out of the classroom. A recent survey by […]

Exploring Brandeis’ labs: Jeremy Koob ’17

Like many students at Brandeis, Jeremy Koob ’17 has the opportunity to work with scientists on groundbreaking research. A chemistry major doing research in both the chemistry and biochemistry departments, Koob thinks that research, despite its complexity and time-consuming nature, is “cool.” For his chemistry research, this means “designing new catalysts for changing the way […]

Professor Paula Musegades is listening

For people like Prof. Paula Musegades (MUS), music is more or less a part of her daily life. As a postdoctoral fellow in the music department, Musegades studies the intersection of music and film. In fact, this semester Musegades is teaching Music in Film, a course that explores how music plays a pivotal role in […]

A conservative perspective: What is the most important environmental issues in this election and what actions do you hope to see from the next president?

The Great Green Debate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each hold distinct views on the environment in their campaigns for the upcoming election. However, while many liberals in the media would like to focus on “climate-change,” not enough coverage is devoted to the economic consequences of these views. Hillary Clinton characterizes coal and natural gas […]

Club Feature: Cheerleading

For Brandeisians who frequent basketball games, the Cheerleading Club is hard to miss. President Caleb Dafilou ’17 described the group as a “small, co-ed team that attends both on-campus varsity basketball games and annual competitions.” In fact the club’s non-discrimination clause prevents any form of discrimination, including gender discrimination. Since 2014, the club has had […]

Meet the DCL community

DCL: what we know and what we should know What is DCL? DCL is the Department of Community Living, or more specifically, the department responsible for residential life on the Brandeis campus. The umbrella of residential life responsibilities includes housing assignments for students living on campus, the hiring and training of Community Advisors (CAs) and […]

International students arrive on campus

Soon, our beautiful Brandeis campus will be welcoming many new students. While many students will come from the United States, nearly 20 percent will hail from outside the country. While many of these international students may bring anxieties to campus, the opportunity as Brandeis students to interact with different cultures is invaluable. Brandeis offers many […]

Graduate Student Association represents, advocates

What is the GSA? Most Brandeis undergraduate students might be unsure of what this acronym stands for. The GSA, or Graduate Student Association helps to represent graduate students at Brandeis as well as coordinate issues of student life between its students as well as to inform administrators. A number of the goals of the GSA […]

Prof Timothy Hickey ‘77 brings innovation to computer science dep’t

Among all the esteemed professors at Brandeis, Professor Timothy Hickey ’77 (COSI) has one of the most interesting backgrounds. As a former Brandeisian he took interest in subjects such as Mathematics and Humanistic Psychology, as well as social justice. It is from these small beginnings that Professor Hickey has become one of the most respected […]

Professor Mirsky combines academia with religion

If you ever want to take a Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) class, you may want to consider one of Professor’s Yehudah Mirsky’s courses. Prof. Mirsky (NEJS) specializes in classical Jewish studies as well as contemporary Israeli politics. This week, The Brandeis Hoot got a chance to talk to Prof. Mirsky about his experience […]

Prof. Habibi recalls exciting, fulfilling experiences in economics

Prof. Nader Habibi (ECON) is a professor in the Economics department at Brandeis. Prof. Habibi’s scholarship focuses on the Middle East region, where he investigates the economies of countries in the geographic area. In addition to being a member of the department of Economics, Prof. Habibi is affiliated with the Crown Center for Middle East […]

SEA highlight importance of recognizing environmental issues

Currently, Students for Environmental Action (SEA) is the largest environmental group on campus that “brings various environmentalists together in an effort to make Brandeis more green,” said Rachel Zhu ’18, co-president. Participation in SEA allows fellow Brandeis students to both make an environmental impact on campus and beyond, in addition to talking with like-minded students. […]

Mountain club connects students to the outdoors

Brandeis students often tend to lead busy lives; they go to class, eat in the dining hall and go to the library to study. For many, most of the day is spent indoors, away from the bucolic greenery of our campus and suburban Massachusetts. One club striving to get people outside and away from this […]