Brandeis dining services to host new events

Dining hall food is often a contentious issue at Brandeis. Some students see the dining hall as a necessity, while others forgo the service entirely, opting instead to cook for themselves. In an effort to improve the quality and experience at the dining halls, Brandeis Dining Services has planned some exciting new events this year […]

Brandeis students dedicated to service, even abroad

Being a student at an elite institution has its benefits. However, we often forget the importance of giving back. This week, The Brandeis Hoot caught up with Takisha J. Edwards ’17 and Natalia Gonzalez ’19. Both Edwards and Johnson are going on a service trip to Belize during the February break. There, they will help […]

Brandeis Television spreads visual media over the airwaves

Much of Brandeis media centers around written periodicals like the newspapers, leaving Brandeis Television (BTV) out of the mix. BTV provides students with a television outlet that focuses on student life as well as featured stories. Because BTV uses visual media to project its message, its members can achieve great cohesion between the club and […]

Fall semester JBS opens program to wide audience

Every year during course selection, we as Brandeisians go through the monotonous process of finding the classes that meet our academic needs. With the intense pressure of fulfilling major requirements, we are often pigeonholed into taking courses that satisfy a major requirement and may not interest us. But not anymore, because this year Brandeis has […]

Virtual Reality Club pushes technological boundaries

When the phrase virtual reality comes to mind, we may think of advanced video games or very complex data visualizations. Despite these misconceptions, Brandeis has introduced a new club to educate the community on this topic: the Brandeis Virtual Reality Club. Club founder and president Mike Makevic ’17 explained his curiosity in this arcane topic. […]

Anthropology course digs up knowledge in Concord

Every Friday, 15 students and two professors drive out to Concord and unearth remnants of what is rumored to be a bunker of prisoners of war from World War II that traces to colonial time. Taught by Travis Parna (ANTH) and Andrew Koh (CLAS), Archaeological Methods involves attending lectures as well as going to an […]

Shira Chadasha provides new Jewish outlet

For most members of Brandeis who identify with the Modern Orthodox movement, standard procedure tells them to go to services at the Orthodox Minyan. However, for those who want another option to fill their needs, the Shira Chadasha group has an answer. Started in 2002 in Jerusalem, “Shira Chadasha tries to answer the growing need […]

Brandeis’ gift of life

A campus ambassador for Gift of Life, Rebecca Siegel ’16 is committed to the fight against cancer. This non-profit organization is “dedicated to saving lives and facilitating bone marrow and blood stem cell transplants for patients with leukemia, lymphoma and other blood-related diseases,” Siegel said. One of Siegel’s duties is to participate in the first-ever […]

New Sherman, a spread of perspectives

Of all the buildings on campus, the dining halls might be among the most used by the student body. Over the summer, the Sherman Dining Hall received a complete renovation. Part of the renovation involved both redecorating as well as reconfiguring the floor plan for a more efficient use of space. Additionally, Sherman is still […]

A behind-the-scenes look at Orientation

After a long summer break, Brandeis students have finally returned to school, where new faces have flooded the campus. In order to help mitigate the uncomfortable transition from a different educational setting, first-year and transfer students go through an orientation. “Orientation means welcoming a new set of Brandeisians to the school! It means you get […]

Tips and tricks from Brandeis Alumnus, Chinese internet celebrity

Back in the United States, Jesse Appell ’12 headlined the Wednesday, April 22 International and Global Studies (IGS) department Meet the Majors event. An alumnus of the IGS department as well as the East Asian Studies (EAS) department, Appell is currently living in China, performing stand-up and other comedic activities. The event also featured kosher […]

Palestinian postdoctoral fellow speaks on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

This Tuesday night, March 24 in the Lown Auditorium, the Brandeis community heard from Dr. Sa’ed Adel Atshan, a Palestinian postdoctoral fellow from the Watson Institute at Brown University. The talk was titled “Heroes and Hope: Nonviolence and Resilience in Israel/Palestine.” Atshan spoke about the forms of peaceful protest that Palestinians have used to condemn […]