In the Senate 11/3

The Senate passed an amendment introduced by Rules Committee Chair Scott Halper ’20, which changed the Senate committee service requirement. Senators serving as a representative to the Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund (CEEF) or the Allocations Board are no longer required to serve on the previously required two Senate committees.  The Senate voted to change […]

Brandeis offers police dialogues

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) invited students and faculty to three dialogue sessions with the university police and non-police staff on Wednesday in a community-wide email.  The dialogues, which will be held for the next two months, are meant to allow students, faculty and public safety officers and staff to explore issues […]

Kendal Chapman ’22 runs unopposed for Vice Presidential seat

Kendal Chapman ’22 is running unopposed for the Student Union vice presidency—a seat that opened last week after former Vice President Guillermo Caballero’s ’20 resignation. If elected, Chapman hopes to increase communication across the Union and be a mediator for any disputes. Chapman wants to create a culture of respectful communication across Union branches and […]

‘Mixed Korean’ event explores race and reconciliation

Paul Lee Cannon bought his mother a plane ticket to South Korea for her birthday. As he read aloud a short nonfiction story he wrote for “Mixed Korean,” an anthology of stories about what it’s like to be mixed Korean in the U.S. and Korea, he told the story of flying to Korea to reunite […]

ODEI opens paid position to students to talk about challenges to Brandeis

The Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) is seeking about 10 to 12 students for a Student Advisory Council, which would inform ODEI programming with their discussions on successes and challenges to the Brandeis campus—like ableism, classism, racism, homophobia, political affiliation, privilege and oppression—and connect students from different backgrounds. The students would be paid […]

Brandeis Prof. Anita Hill talks Trump, Biden on CNN Citizen

Brandeis Professor Anita Hill (HS) criticized President Donald Trump for comparing the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry to a lynching in a tweet on Oct. 22. Hill called the comparison “ludicrous” and “a divisive tactic” in a CNN forum on Oct. 24. “The idea that this person with this kind of power and authority could […]

Hoot Halloween Guide

Whether you’re a ghost or goblin, witch or wizard, Halloween is a holiday where everyone gets to put their spookiest face forward. And the best way to do Halloween is to commit 100 percent to every aspect of the holiday, from costumes to candy. There are a lot of ways to get the most out […]

Univ. plans to increase fundraising to account for new hires

Brandeis has secured $84.7 million to move forward with the springboard funding plan to address the gaps in Brandeis’ operational budget, including deferred maintenance and new hires, President Liebowitz announced in an email to the Brandeis community on Oct. 24. The plan, which was first announced in January, has $44 million immediately available and about […]

New Operations Specialist joins Department of Student Activities

When he’s not taking night classes to complete his master’s degree, Jake Thongsythavong is working as the Department of Student Activities (DSA) new operations specialist, after joining Brandeis on Oct. 7. Thongsythavong, a second-year master’s student at Salem State University, is replacing JV Souffrant ’13, who started as an employee at Brandeis in 2017. As […]

Brandeis’ online reporting site offers anonymity with follow-up

UPDATED: Oct. 18, 2019. 9:45 AM Brandeis students, faculty and staff can now report incidents of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct anonymously online, where the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)—an office formed in March 2019 that handles university-wide misconduct reporting—can follow up with reporters while maintaining their anonymity. Prior to the online portal, Brandeis did […]

Brandeis men’s teams spend $11,000 more on recruitment than women’s

Brandeis men’s sports teams spend over $11,000 more than women’s sports teams in recruiting new athletes, despite an almost equal number of male and female student athletes, according to an annual Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) released to the Brandeis community on Tuesday. The annual report overviews the differences in men’s and women’s Division […]

Student Union judiciary rules against Union President

The Student Union Judiciary ruled against Union President Simran Tatuskar ’21 in a case brought against her by two members of the Student Union. The ruling stated that she had violated the Union’s Code of Conduct which mandates that members of the Union make “every effort to communicate across branches” and that she overstepped her […]

The Hoot’s certified Tall Girl reviews Netflix’s ‘Tall Girl’

“You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Men’s size 13 Nikes.” That’s a quote from the first five minutes of the Netflix original “Tall Girl,” where 6’1” high school junior Jodi Kreyman (played by previous “Dance Moms” contestant Ava Michelle) works to overcome her insecurity over her […]

Student senators considering paying some secured clubs

Charles River Senator and Senate Sustainability Committee Chair Oliver Price ’20 is working towards potentially paying secured clubs and, eventually, the Student Union.  His proposal, which is in its very early stages, would create a third designation of clubs other than just chartered and secured. Secured clubs participate in a separate annual marathon before chartered […]

In the Senate 10/6

The Senate voted to decharter 23 clubs in their weekly Sunday meeting–after clarifying that all clubs can reapply for chartership to regain their funding at any time.  The dechartering is a regular practice by the senate for clubs that do not turn in an anti-hazing form at the beginning of the academic year which is […]

15 admitted Heller graduate students denied visas

Following a trend marked in other Massachusetts schools, 15 Brandeis international graduate students were denied their visa applications to the U.S., preventing them from attending the Heller School of Social Policy and Management. All 15 graduate students were from Africa, wrote Assistant Dean of Admissions for the Heller School Lynn Davis to The Brandeis Hoot […]

In the Senate 9/22

Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees Zosia Busé ’20 gave an update about the Brandeis Board of Trustees meeting held last week Sunday, Sept. 14 through Tuesday night, Sept. 17. Though she is under a confidentiality agreement, Busé said, she briefed the senate about Board efforts including several students in the Heller School of […]

In the Senate 10/2

UPDATED: 10/17 6:56 p.m. The Senate passed an amendment to allow senators to enforce the Union code of conduct on Tuesday. The amendment allows senators to vote to punish Union members who violate the code of conduct, and if a two-third’s majority vote is reached, distribute punishment ranging from revoking access to the Student Union […]