Prof. Nyong’o’s presentation contemplates racial diversity in film

The Art, Race, Activism series came to Brandeis at the perfect time. As the sit-in took place in the Bernstein-Marcus administration building, Tavia Nyong’o’s presentation on “The Fugitive Present: Sweet Sweetback and The Mythic Being” provided students with his perspective on the intersection between blackness, feminist theory and queer theory through the lens of two […]

Rachel Adams explores diversity in contemporary art

The relationship between art and space is an important contemporary theme that many artists have been working with. Associate Curator Rachel Adams in particular has been exploring this sphere, and Brandeis was lucky enough to host her for a presentation about the newest installations that she helped bring to the University at Buffalo (UB). Adams […]

Coffeehouse prefaces ‘Nightingale’s’ deliberate inclusivity

On Friday, Oct. 23, Brandeis Ensemble Theatre (BET) hosted “The Love of the Nightingale” coffeehouse to promote their play, a retelling of an ancient Greek myth. This play explores violence as a theme, especially sexual and racialized violence as well as gendered hostility and aggression. During the beginning of the event, cast members introduced themselves […]

Visiting poet addresses issues of ethnicity and culture

Bobby Gonzalez, a writer and multicultural motivational speaker, spoke at AHORA’s Thursday, Oct. 22 coffeehouse in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Native American and Puerto Rican author of “The Last Puerto Rican India: A Collection of Dangerous Poetry” and “Taino Zen,” Gonzalez is also a storyteller and poet and has been to many colleges to […]

SEA coffeehouse taps creativity to promote sustainability

Students for Environmental Action (SEA) highlighted environmental issues, especially water pollution, during their first coffeehouse of the semester, on Wednesday, Oct.14 Various groups performed, including the Charles River Ramblers, TBA, Voices of Soul, False Advertising, Isaac & Mack, Bad Grammer and Company B. The Charles River Ramblers started the night off at Chum’s with a […]

Weather doesn’t deter spirit of Farmers’ Market

On Friday, Oct. 2, The Brandeis Farmers Club held a big farmers’ market event, which was a huge success last semester. Even though there were vendors selling produce, the weather created a huge problem for the event: many students stayed indoors the whole day to escape the cold and dreary rain. The vendors present included […]

Student performers flood Chum’s in support of Relay For Life

Chum’s was packed with performance groups on Thursday, Sept. 24 for the Relay for Life kickoff event. Preceded by Relay organizers describing the cause and how to help raise money, Voicemale, the first act, energized the crowd with their beautiful voices. Their voices were full of soul, love and beautiful harmony. For those students who […]

Art students given on-canvas experience in Siena, Italy

If you plan to study abroad at any time during your Brandeis career, don’t miss the opportunity to look into a study abroad program that focuses on the arts in the small, intimate Italian city of Siena, a drawing, arts and society Siena Art Institue. The program is a two-course, five-week intensive, experiential learning summer […]

BAM/CO hosts Chum’s grand reopening

On Sunday, Sept. 6, Chum’s had its first event of the semester, marking the reopening of one of the safest, most comfortable places on campus. Last semester, Chum’s was closed without notice after a couple of students smoked inside, setting off the fire alarm. The staff members, unaware of what was occurring, did not evacuate […]

Creative clubs recruit at club fair

Clubs at Brandeis with an artistic bend got the opportunity to introduce themselves to first-years at the activities fair on Sunday, Aug. 30. One of the campus’ newest literary publication, Jaded, was in attendance. The literary magazine’s goal is to spark activism on campus, particularly concerning issues of cultural assimilation and immigration. The first issue […]

Hidden gems among arts classes

Ringing in the stress of the semester is the time when everyone is trying to figure out which classes to enroll into. One of the most rewarding classes to ever take is a writing workshop, regardless of whether you are planning to major in creative writing or not. This semester, Prof. Michelle Hoover (ENG) is […]

‘Grace’ provides enlightening perspective on schizophrenia

With a book and music written and composed by Charlie Madison ’15, “Grace” debuted in the Senior Thesis Festival on Wednesday, April 22. The Festival allows seniors to showcase their theatrical talents, often through original pieces, in the Laurie Theater in Spingold. There was a big crowd for the first day, and the audience seemed […]

Jennie C. Jones displays work narratives of black musicians

On Friday, Feb. 27, artist Jennie C. Jones came to speak at the Rose Art Museum as part of the “Art | Blackness | Diaspora Project.” Her paintings mostly speak as if they were telling a history through the lens of a photograph, drawing attention to the work narratives of black musicians, with her works […]

The Charlatans commemorate founding member with new album

To make peace with the death of founding member Jon Brookes, English indie band The Charlatans released their new album, “Modern Nature,” in late January. Their songs are classified as hauntingly intense songs that contain the same overtones and tones as The Beatles. Their new album includes songs such as “Talk in Tones,” “So Oh,” […]

BZA hopes to expand and develop club with Tel Aviv Club Night

Despite the snowy conditions this past Saturday, Jan. 24, students still managed to attend the first big Brandeis Zionist Alliance event of the semester, Tel Aviv Club Night. Located in Sherman Function Hall, the event provided pizza, neon glowsticks and bright DJ lights with a soundtrack of popular Israeli and American songs. BZA President Tzlil […]

WSRC opens interactive video game exhibition

Over the past week, the Women’s Studies Research Center in the Epstein Building held an exhibition called “Dames Making Games: Leaps and Maneuvers,” a gallery that was installed to promote and encourage women to play and critique video games. Inside the building was an open space with small blurbs explaining the purpose of DMG (“Dames […]

Senior Midyear Exhibition stars talented senior artists

From Dec. 10 until Jan. 12, Brandeis hosted the Senior Midyear Exhibition in the Dreitzer Gallery, which included a wide variety of pieces created by many talented senior artists. Rachel Weissman worked with many toys and commercialized objects in her works, creating very unique, overwhelming and playful pieces. One of her works involved a Monopoly […]

Poet creates ‘a future more vivid’

On Dec. 1, Israeli poet, translator and musician Betsy Rosenberg came to campus to perform a poetry reading in the Mandel Reading Room. She has lived in Jerusalem since 1967 while studying at Hebrew University. Through her selection of poems that she handed out to the audience, “A Future More Vivid” serves to reflect a […]

Christian Gentry and Susan Dibble lead discussion on 'Duckfoot' at Rose Art Museum

On Dec. 3, composer and lecturer Christian Gentry led a discussion in the Rose Art Museum with Professor Susan Dibble (THA) on Elizabeth Murray’s piece “Duckfoot.” Gentry describes the piece as absurdist, with a little comedy in the composition in a subtle form. To call the painting a “duck foot” contrasts with the conventional standard […]

Artist Betbeze explores innovative media

Visiting artist Anna Betbeze came to talk at Brandeis on Wednesday, Nov. 19 in Goldman Smith. Born in 1980 in Columbus, Georgia, she received her BFA from the University of Georgia and her MFA from the Yale University School of Art. Characterized by bright colors, acid and dyes, her works stand out from most of […]