Poet Kazim explores ‘lostness’ in reading

On Nov. 11, poet, essayist and translator Kazim Ali performed a poetry reading in Mandel. He first read through “Bright Felon” and “Sky Ward.” These two poems, typical of most of his poems, contain messages of philosophy, religion and his personal experiences. His first poem encompasses everything he has felt for most of his life: […]

Deptford Goth’s recent marriage inspires ‘Songs’

British experimental pop producer and singer Daniel Woolhouse’s recent marriage became his inspiration for his new album “Songs,” which came out Monday, Nov. 3 under his stage name, Deptford Goth. With songs described as “ethereal, spectral R&B” tunes, artist Daniel Woolhouse hails from Peckham, Southeast London. Woolhouse started fusing his songwriting roots in guitar and […]

Brooklyn-based artist premieres latex art at Women’s Studies Research Center

Just as the name suggests, “Big Bounce,” the Women’s Studies Research Center’s (WSRC) art event, displays innovative work that has recently grown in leaps and bounds—using latex as a medium of focus for artwork. With Brooklyn-based artist Leeza Meksin’s site-specific installation outside of the WSRC building, we can see how this elastic material helps viewers […]

Poet remembered for spirit and passion

On Sunday, Oct. 19, a memorial event for poet Allen Grossman was held in the Mandel Center for the Humanities, where the room was filled by alumni and more, commemorating the huge influence that he had on their lives. Allen died at the age of 82 this June due to complications of Alzheimer’s Disease. Grossman […]

Boris’ Kitchen showcases strong talent in first show of the year

Last weekend, Boris’ Kitchen hosted its “Old Sh*t Show” in the SCC Multipurpose Room. As everyone crammed into the room, attempting to find space anywhere on the floor, the actors stumbled through the crowd to the stage. People were already giving huge rounds of applause to each member participating in the comedy sketch group. The […]

Minus the Bear’s new album deserves a close listen

On Oct. 7, indie band Minus the Bear released their new album “Lost Love.” The interesting and random band name “Minus the Bear” actually came from an inside joke between a friend in the band and lead vocalist Jake Snider. The new album includes songs with original names that seem to represent a sort of […]

Univ Press publishes children’s books about High Holy Days

With the passing of Rosh Hashanah and the approach of Yom Kippur, four new children’s books have come out. Written about both holidays, “Apple Days: A Rosh Hashanah Story” by Allison Sarnoff Soffe, “Rabbi Benjamin’s Buttons” by Alice B. McGinty, “Goldie Takes a Stand: Golda Meir’s First Crusade” by Barbara Krasner and “The Days Between: […]

New Flyleaf album conveys hope and and revival

Flyleaf’s new album “Between the Stars” came out Sept. 16, with fans waiting a good three years before new songs were finally released online and even still, the songs and lyrics were not easy or weren’t even accessible on the internet. The band’s songs, even though they are still based heavily on guitar, are less […]

Professors create open discussion about new Rose Museum installment

On Sept. 17, Professors Chris Abrams and Gordon Fellman stood near the platforms of the “Light of Reason” lampposts as people set up stools to circle around them. Abrams was the first speaker to come up and talk in-depth about the piece and its significance. The discussion of the lights felt even more appropriate knowing […]

Rose’s ‘Light’ illuminates campus

On Sept. 10., the Rose Art Museum kicked off its opening ceremony with the installation of “Light of Reason,” a sculpture created by Boston native and iconic artist Chris Burden. This ceremony was attended by hundreds of people and professional artists who came to witness the lightning of the lampposts. The event also included food […]

Welcome party introduces the arts at Brandeis

On Friday, Aug. 29, Brandeis hosted the first annual All-Arts Welcome Party in the Multipurpose Room of the SCC. The room was full of students, faculty and staff, and the event was co-sponsored by Student Activities and the Undergraduate Theater Collective. The room had a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. The fruit and sweets vibrantly displayed on […]

Founding director of The Rose passes away

Founding director of The Rose Art Museum Sam Hunter once described artist Larry Rivers as a man who created an “astonishing and fertile career today … remarkable for more than its inventiveness, diversity and breadth of mood and vision.” One could say those same words about Hunter himself. Hunter lived a long and fulfilling life, […]

Bernstein Festival opens with interactive event at The Rose

The Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts began Thursday when The Rose Art Museum hosted a guided sketching tour, presented by SCRAM (the Student Committee for The Rose Art Museum), starting at 7 p.m. I was amazed by all the abstract paintings displayed on the walls, but what really struck me was one of […]

‘Interrupted’ lacks plot but contains vivid imagery

“Interrupted, a Theater Piece in Pieces,” written, directed and choreographed by Sarah Elizabeth Bedard ’14, explores the lives of writers Susanna Kaysen, Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton and is based on the best-selling memoir “Girl, Interrupted.” Performed in the Spingold Theater from Friday, April 4 through Sunday, April 6, this play skillfully portrays the horrors, […]

Post-Bacc exhibit opens in Dreitzer

From March 26 to April 6, the Spingold Theater is holding an art exhibit featuring Post-Baccalaureate painting and sculptures. The gallery includes work by artists Shona McAndrew, Julia Wolfe, Sara Weninger, Eric Edstam and Eung-Sun Lee. As I walked around the gallery, I was captivated by all the innovative styles of artwork that lined the […]

‘Vagina Monologues’ empower women through descriptive skits

The 2014 “Vagina Monologues,” originally compiled by Eve Ensler, premiered on Friday, March 21 in the Shapiro Campus Center Theatre, prompting a huge turnout. The monologues were composed of different narratives told by all different kinds of women, each with a distinct experience. Each skit covered a range of issues, from the oppression of women, […]

New Foster the People album criticizes consumerism

Foster the People, an American indie pop band, came out with their new album “Supermodel” on March 18. Their new songs seem to capture a sort of alternative style. Listening closer to the lyrics actually demonstrates, however, that the music isn’t as relaxing as it should be. As he looked back at some of the […]

Israeli comedian picks at stereotypes

On Thursday, Mar. 13, Brandeis’s Israeli Comedy Night was held in the Lown Auditorium with TBA, one of Brandeis’ improv troupes. They began by first improvising with the word “falafel,” setting the scene with two actors playing the roles of new caterers who got the job at the catering company out of desperation, as the […]

Hoover gives audience chills with excerpt from novel

On Monday, Mar. 3, I was delighted to have had a break from class and listen to Michelle Hoover come visit Brandeis to read an excerpt from her new novel, “Bottomland.” Michelle Hoover, author of “The Quickening,” is described by iconic novelist and short story writer Charles Baxter as a writer who “recreates for us […]

Wonders of Wonders: Fiddler on the Roof’s Cultural Impact

Brandeis was lucky enough to have Alisa Solomon, author of “Wonders of Wonders: A Cultural History of Fiddler on the Roof” come to talk about her book on Feb. 25 in the Rapaporte Treasure Hall. Students, professors and scholars crowded around the spacious room, all eager to learn the aesthetic, cultural and generational features so […]