‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ is even more magical than the first time around

First released in 2012, “Red” was noteworthy for some of Taylor’s most beautiful lyrics and sounds, and it marked the beginning of her transition from the country to pop genre. Now the hottest album of the moment, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” is nothing short of the magical experience that first captured the hearts of so many […]

Pulitzer Prize winner speaks at univ.

In a talk at Brandeis on Monday, Nov. 15, the Boston Globe team behind Pulitzer-Prize winning article “Blind Spot” spoke about the process of creating the article and their experiences in journalism. The Boston Globe staff explained that they knew they had a potentially big story about truck driving when they were “shocked” and “outraged” […]

Kindness Day brings Univ. ‘back together again’

The 2021 Kindness Day Coffee House event was hosted in the Rapaporte Treasure Hall in Goldfarb Library on Nov 8. The event was the university’s kick-off to their Kindness Day events, according to the Kindness Day events page. The two-hour event hosted eight performances, including five a capella groups with a full crowd.  “Honestly, I […]

We are both dreading and anticipating ‘Riverdale’ season six

“Riverdale” has been a questionable show at best since season two. As you can imagine, by season five, “Riverdale” is beyond insane. Somehow, we’ve gone from a small town murder to war, an endless slew of serial killers and, of course, constantly shifting relationship dynamics.    Any semblance of a plot was replaced by singing […]

Meet the ‘Brassy Broad’ Brandeis alum

Alison Bass ’75 earned the nickname “Brassy Broad” because she was too intimidating to the male editors she worked under, she explained in an event on Wednesday, Nov. 3. But she wasn’t just showy or loud; she made a point in her reporting to try to help survivors of traumatic events. Bass was one of […]

Brandeis admin gives updates on sustainability

Nick Warren, Brandeis’ Chief Investment Officer, Mary Fischer, manager of Sustainability Programs and Assistant Vice President of Communications Julie Jette discussed Brandeis’ new efforts regarding sustainability on campus in a Zoom interview with The Brandeis Hoot. The three representatives discussed the timeline for efforts made towards greater sustainability as well as the changes made since […]

I was enchanted to meet Taylor Swift

What do me, the Haim sisters and Jack Antonoff all have in common? Easy, we’re all Jewish and we’ve all been invited to Taylor Swift’s house for a secret session. Sure, their invites may have been because they’re best friends with Taylor—but for a moment, Taylor made me feel like I was one of her […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ is still magical, even 10 years later

“Once Upon A Time” may have come out an entire decade ago, but it is still just as magical now as it was back then. Oct. 23 marked the 10 year anniversary of the pilot episode airing. The pilot is gripping and well-written and wonderfully paced, proving that the show stands the test of time.  […]

Hoot Recommends: Halloween edition

Stewart Huang:  Try “Dark Deception,” a first-person horror twist on “Pac-Man” where you are chased by spooky monsters like giant monkeys in elaborate mazes while collecting purple shards. It’s an intense arcade experience that will have you on the edge of the seat the entire time. And it’s quite an addictive and challenging game, featuring […]

Dining Services hosts their first LGBT inclusivity event

History was made on Oct. 21. For the first time in Brandeis history, Dining Services hosted an LGBT inclusivity event: a drag show called “Drag Me to the Stein” featuring the drag queen Binx. The Brandeis Hoot spoke to some of the planners—Marketing Specialist Alexander Zolotov from Dining Services, Director of the Gender and Sexuality […]

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

I have made it to my last birthday in college. That’s so scary to think about—the last birthday with all of my friends in the same space. This existential crisis led me to one final conclusion: write an article for The Brandeis Hoot trying to understand my feelings.   I never understood why people cry […]

Astead Herndon advises journalism students

Astead Herndon, The New York Times national political reporter, spoke on Tuesday, Oct. 19, to Neil Swidey’s (JOUR) Long-form Journalism: Storytelling for Magazines and Podcasts (JOUR 113A) class. Herndon discussed his success with his career and his experience becoming a journalist with students.  Six years out of college, Astead Herndon has worked for multiple news […]

Student ensembles will resume in-person concerts this semester

In-person music is returning to Brandeis, according to the Brandeis Concert Series page. Every student ensemble in the music department will be performing in Slosberg Music Center, including the Brandeis Chamber Singers, University Chorus, Brandeis Wind Ensemble, Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra, Early Music Ensemble, Brandeis Jazz Ensemble, Fafali: Music and Dance from Ghana, Brandeis Improv Collective and […]

Chadra Pittman highlights mistreatment of Indigenous and African peoples

Chadra Pittman explained the long history of dehumanization of Indigenous and African people, and warned that the battle for justice is still not yet won. In her virtual presentation—titled ​​ “‘I, Too, Am America:’ Stolen Land, Stolen People and the Forced Migrations of the Native and the African”—she dove into the different ways Black, Indigenous […]

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is rather unremarkable

Stephanie Perkins was one of my favorite young adult romance authors growing up, so I was incredibly disappointed when she switched to the horror genre. I’ve never been a fan of horror, but because I loved Perkins, I decided to give the book a chance. When I read “There’s Someone Inside Your House,” I was […]

Hoot staff recommends: Midterm music edition

Sasha Skarboviychuk When it comes to studying, the best background noise is silence. But in cases when my roommates or anything else in my surroundings is making noise, I opt for classical music. My big thing with this is that the music I listen to while studying cannot have lyrics; if the song has lyrics […]

Gillian Flynn discusses background in journalism

Before Gillian Flynn was a best-selling author best known for “Gone Girl,” she was a journalist, with a focus on reviewing the arts. On Tuesday, Oct. 12, she visited the university to discuss how her background in journalism helped with her fictional writing career, both for her novels and for her television screenplays.  “I don’t […]

Sproutfit’s album processes difficult things, but in a cute way

Sproutfit, a “five-person, succulent-growing, indie-pop group” composed of Brandeisians, will release their first album on Oct. 8. Titled “Homegrown Sprouts,” this album chronicles the struggle of living through, and growing up in, a global pandemic. Two band members, April Ginns ’21 and Maya Kattler-Gold ’21, spoke to The Brandeis Hoot about their debut album, revealing […]

Brandeis announces further commitment to sustainability

University President Ron Liebowitz announced further commitments to sustainability from the Brandeis administration, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Oct. 6. In his email, Liebowitz highlighted ways Brandeis will “advance and deepen” efforts of sustainability.  The university is not going to make any new partnerships with fossil fuel companies, continuing the […]