‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is rather unremarkable

Stephanie Perkins was one of my favorite young adult romance authors growing up, so I was incredibly disappointed when she switched to the horror genre. I’ve never been a fan of horror, but because I loved Perkins, I decided to give the book a chance. When I read “There’s Someone Inside Your House,” I was […]

Hoot staff recommends: Midterm music edition

Sasha Skarboviychuk When it comes to studying, the best background noise is silence. But in cases when my roommates or anything else in my surroundings is making noise, I opt for classical music. My big thing with this is that the music I listen to while studying cannot have lyrics; if the song has lyrics […]

Gillian Flynn discusses background in journalism

Before Gillian Flynn was a best-selling author best known for “Gone Girl,” she was a journalist, with a focus on reviewing the arts. On Tuesday, Oct. 12, she visited the university to discuss how her background in journalism helped with her fictional writing career, both for her novels and for her television screenplays.  “I don’t […]

Sproutfit’s album processes difficult things, but in a cute way

Sproutfit, a “five-person, succulent-growing, indie-pop group” composed of Brandeisians, will release their first album on Oct. 8. Titled “Homegrown Sprouts,” this album chronicles the struggle of living through, and growing up in, a global pandemic. Two band members, April Ginns ’21 and Maya Kattler-Gold ’21, spoke to The Brandeis Hoot about their debut album, revealing […]

Brandeis announces further commitment to sustainability

University President Ron Liebowitz announced further commitments to sustainability from the Brandeis administration, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Oct. 6. In his email, Liebowitz highlighted ways Brandeis will “advance and deepen” efforts of sustainability.  The university is not going to make any new partnerships with fossil fuel companies, continuing the […]

‘In The Empty’ left us full

When we all heard that the Brandeis theater was doing a production that would take place in an outdoor tent outside of Spingold Theater, we knew we had to go. Live performances had been gone for so long due to the coronavirus, so we were eager to support our fellow Brandeisians and experience the joy […]

Misuse of Brandeis compost bins could lead to consequences

If the Brandeis community doesn’t start respecting the compost bins, they will be removed next month. Associate Director of the Office of Sustainability Mary Fischer spoke to The Brandeis Hoot about the current misuse of compost bins by people on campus.    Due to the issues created by the misuse of the bins, the compost […]

Brandeis attends climate change rally

On Friday, Sep. 24, Brandeis filled two buses of students and attended the climate rally in Boston, protesting for action against climate change. Professor Sabine on Mering (ENVS, GER) organized the trip with the help of student organizers, including Maggie Del Re ’23. Though the rally did not go completely as planned, Del Re believes […]

Univ. prof releases third book on gender violence

Professor Anita Hill (HELLER) released her third book on Sep. 28. Titled “Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence.” This book is “a new manifesto about the origins and course of gender violence in our society,” according to its summary on Penguin Random House publishing website.  When discussing the process of writing the book, […]

Student work is on display in Goldman-Schwartz in ‘Home and Abroad’ exhibition

Brandeis students are once again proving their talent with the fine arts. The 2021 “Home and Abroad” exhibition is now on display in the Goldman-Schwartz art studio building, featuring many different students from Brandeis, including award winners and those who participated in the Siena study abroad program. The informal exhibition will be available until Oct. […]

Please bring back the milkshake machine

My favorite part of the C-Store has been removed. The milkshake machine used to be a source of joy for so many members of the Brandeis community. With its removal, and the loss of Currito, there is no place left on campus to enjoy milkshakes. Please bring back the milkshake machine and bring ice cream […]

‘Supernatural’ is so old, it could legally drive the Impala

Monday Sep. 13 marked an important birthday: the hit CW show “Supernatural” turned 16. Though the show finally ended last November, it remains culturally relevant, with a fandom that won’t die and actors who thrive off of chaos. It’s crazy to think that all this mess started with the two Winchester brothers on a quest […]

Univ. suggests how to avoid waiting on testing lines

The university released tips for avoiding lines at testing sites as well as updates on the timing of test results, in an email to the Brandeis community sent by Morgan Bergman, Assistant Provost for Strategic Initiatives on Sep. 3. The email also included updated information about testing and mask policies. Community members have been experiencing […]

Halsey earns both love and power on new album

Halsey continues to impress with her fourth album, “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,” a journey into the intense emotions and complexities that come with being a woman in American society. Halsey uses this album to explore essential emotional crosses that society asks women to bear: motherhood, men’s desires and unrelenting anger. Her […]

The univ. makes national headlines with PARC’s “Suggested Language List”

The Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center (PARC)—a campus resource that provides education and support to students on topics relating to violence—released a “Suggested Language List” in August as a revision to their “Oppressive Language List” released back in June 2021, which has since been removed from the university’s website.   “PARC made immediate edits to […]

New course centers Indigenous and native women, genders and sexualities.

New this semester there is a course centering a perspective not often discussed at Brandeis. Professor Evangelina Macias is teaching WGS 107A: Introduction to Indigenous and Native Women, Gender and Sexualities.    The course “covers a broad range of studies or perspectives, because we’ve got Native American and Indigneous. Even though they can be considered […]

Brandeis to introduce pooled testing this fall

This fall the university will be introducing “pooled testing” for the COVID-19 virus, as announced in the Student COVID-19 Training available on LATTE. This new type of testing will be in groups, or pools, of 10 students at a time as opposed to the twice a week individual testing system the university had previously established.  […]

‘One Last Stop’ is a magical dreamscape of first love

With “One Last Stop,” Casey McQuiston officially earns the title of my favorite author. I’m a well known “Red, White & Royal Blue” fanatic, so I was equally excited and anxious about McQuiston’s new novel. On one hand, I was thrilled to read something new by them, but on the other, I couldn’t help but […]

Springfest 2021 was like a virtual mosh pit, minus the sweat

Charli XCX always puts on a stellar show, even from the comfort of her living room. As the headliner for this year’s Springfest, Charli utilized all the elements available to her, from lighting to camera work to choreography.  This year, Springfest was completely virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) brought […]